Suburban comfort, meet urban convenience.

If you’ve taken a trip to Ikea Centennial recently, you’ve likely seen the large construction project off Chester Ave. The sign, in an eye-catching retro-future font, declares the space “The Jones District.”
And right now, mid-construction, it looks like a large, high-end apartment complex. (Which is no surprise. Denver is growing, and new housing is a number-one priority across the area.) But the Jones District is going to be much more than housing, and the story of its conception is more interesting and goes back further than meeting the recent increased population demands.

What is the Jones District?
  • A “mixed-used” development of apartments, retail, restaurants, office space and green space.
What’s the backstory?
  • The land, parcel by parcel, was collected over decades by cable giant and local business celebrity, Glenn R. Jones.
  • He envisioned a “live/work/play” area for Centennial businesses and citizens.
  • Sadly, Mr. Jones passed away at the age of 85 just a year before the project broke ground.
  • The district and the apartment building, The Glenn, are named in his honor.
How big will it be?
  • A whopping 42 acres.
  • Most buildings will be between seven to 15 stories.
  • Right now, 11 separate buildings are projected for the space.
What’s the vision?
  • The Jones District wants to bring urban amenities to the suburban setting. Think:
    • Transit orientated.
    • Walkable.
    • Mixed use.
    • Recreation + work.
    • Intentional density.
    • Service focused.
Who’s it for?
  • There’s been a shift. Due to increasing costs, urban citizens are looking once more to the suburbs, but they don’t want to sacrifice urban conveniences.
  • Businesses want desirable, walkable locations within spitting distance of great restaurants and outdoor spaces.
  • Eating out is in. More and more restaurants want to serve thriving, bustling areas.
  • As traffic increases, Denver is relying on public transport to ease the burden. Those RTD riders want to live and work near trains stops, so they never have to step foot on a gas pedal.
What’s the time line?
  • It’s a massive project, and the plan isn’t set in stone. More buildings will be added as demand requires.
Is the Denver South Economic Development Partnership involved?
  • The Denver South EDP is here to help all business and development in the Denver south region. We’ve partnered with Centennial and other Denver south municipalities to explore:
    • Urbanization of the suburbs.
    • Transportation solutions.
    • Infrastructure investment.
    • Walkability.
    • And more.

Downtown environments aren’t for everyone. But nearly everyone wants to live and work in a well-designed, intentional region that has what you need and what you enjoy close by and easy to access. That’s the vision for Jones District.
There, office workers can grab lunch with a coworker without the hassle of traffic. They can spend time outdoors, enjoying the abundant CO sunshine. They can drop Fido off at doggy daycare. They can walk to the gym after work. They can reduce their commute from a 45-minute slog to a 5-minute stroll.
Keep an eye on the Jones District. Soon, it’ll be one of Centennial’s most bustling neighborhoods.