Over the next few weeks we’ll be talking with Tom Brook, our President and CEO, to look at Denver South from his point of view and to hear his vision for the region. As a leader in the region and organization for many years, Tom has a unique perspective and history that drives who we are and what we envision for our future.

Tom Brook moved to the region when there wasn’t a lot here. As he shares his story, it’s hard not to feel transported to an early version of Denver South, and to see the potential that was taking shape thanks to the innovative and entrepreneurial minds that were hard at work, dreaming about what was possible.

The Denver South Draw

He and his family were initially drawn to the region for its schools, neighborhoods, and family-friendly lifestyle. Then, as now, Denver South offered some of the highest-caliber schools in the state – a key cornerstone to our region’s talent pipeline. As he and his family settled into their new community, Tom was impressed by the incredible potential of Denver South, and was sure its growth was about to explode. As an area that was shaped by innovators and entrepreneurs, the region felt like an ideal place for entrepreneurs to launch their new companies, and pursue their dreams.

In fact, Tom’s first job in the region was a turnaround effort with a financial services company located near Fiddler’s Green. It was through this job he became familiar with the region, and truly began to see the region’s potential from a business-oriented lens. He had the opportunity to learn more about Denver South and saw the opportunity and promise our region could provide.

Returning to Denver South

Although Tom’s career progressed and led him to roles outside the region, Denver South remained his home base. As a resident, he saw firsthand how the region was both growing and offering opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups that had been unthinkable in Denver South’s early days. He hoped that – someday – his career would land him back in the region.

This hope came true when he connected with Mike Fitzgerald, our previous President and CEO, who asked Tom to consider working for us. Tom shared that, as Denver South is his home, it is where he wanted to center his family and work. It was therefore a powerful draw for him to return to the region and to build on the entrepreneurial, innovative spirit that had fundamentally shaped it.

“Denver South is an area where you can really see the power of entrepreneurial companies and how they quickly grow and create jobs – there is a real impact here, and it’s a powerful force in people’s lives. The challenges and sacrifices of entrepreneurs are inspiring to me,” says Tom.

We’re excited to be bringing you this series based on conversations with Tom. His vision and passion has shaped our organization and region, and we hope that it provides insight into who we are, how we lead, and our collective passion for the future of Denver South.