This month is the City of Centennial’s 20th Anniversary and as a valued Denver South city, we wanted to highlight some of what Centennial brings to the region.

Located along the I-25 corridor in Denver South, Centennial is an industry leader in Technology, IT, Aerospace, Finance, and Professional Services. Part of the attraction for the 5,000 or so businesses that operate in the City is Centennial’s highly educated workforce of more than 61,000 people. More than 50 percent of Centennial’s 110,911 residents over the age of 25 possess a bachelor’s or graduate degree and earn a median household income of almost $110,000. Critically for businesses looking to expand, there is open space available within the City for new and growing facilities.

Another highlight for businesses is the City’s connectedness and robust infrastructure. Not only do the major area thoroughfares all run through Centennial, but Centennial businesses and residents also have a choice of transportation methods. They have access to the region through I-25 and light rail, and access to the world through Denver International Airport and Centennial Airport, the second most active general aviation airport in the U.S.

For residents, the City’s recreational offering is a draw. The City of Centennial has access to 32 parks, 98 miles of trails, and it is a bike-friendly city, which means that residents can easily commute to and from work by bike. There is also an abundance of local shopping and dining options, and residents can quickly get into the mountains to recreate.

Tom Brook, President and CEO, Denver South, commented, “Denver South as an organization and a region works to promote economic vitality and it’s a real pleasure to see how Centennial has flourished over the last two decades. We’re proud to have the City in our region and look forward to its future growth.”

Stephanie Piko, Mayor of Centennial, said, “The City of Centennial is a connected community, where neighborhoods matter, education is embraced, businesses are valued, and innovation is absolute. You can come here as a business and expect that you will recruit and retain people in the City of Centennial because of the things we offer as a city. We are strong in Aerospace; we are strong in IT; we are strong in Medical. You can find small businesses that have ten people working for them, and you can find large businesses that have thousands. I’m very proud to have been part of the City of Centennial for the last 20 years, and I look forward to the next 20. Congratulations Centennial, and here’s to the future!”

Hear from all three of Centennial’s mayors from the last 20 years (past and present) on what makes the City so special, their favorite projects, and their hopes for Centennial’s future. You can also hear from some of the businesses in Centennial to see what they love about the City.