It is hard to say goodbye to a person who has had such an enormous impact on an organization, community and region, but that is what over a hundred people did last night with Mike Fitzgerald.
The outgoing President and CEO of Denver South Economic Development Partnership was heralded with speeches from Buz Koelbel, Peter Culshaw, Lynn Myers, Mayor Stephanie Piko and Commissioner Nancy Sharpe.
Held at the Dome of AMG National Trust Bank, well-wishers reminisced on the highlights of Mike’s nearly 50-year career and regional successes under his watch along with his strong leadership and friendship to many. Mike’s collaboration and eye toward the future has kept him at the forefront of the industry and his presence at this organization will be missed.
We are sure we will see Mike in various capacities over the coming years, however, world travel and countless books are in his immediate future. We at Denver South EPD are sad to see Mike go, but wish him nothing but the best in whatever the future holds.