This week, our staff sat down with Chris to hear her share her favorite places and surprising facts about the region. Chris – like the rest of our staff – is an expert on the region and is excited to continue to make Denver South a great place to live, work and play.

What is your favorite place for lunch in Denver South?

  • The Perfect Landing. Chris also believes this is one of the “hidden gems” of the region The restaurant, which is at Centennial Airport, overlooks the airfield. You can enjoy a delicious meal while watching planes take off and land. If you love great food and airplanes – from military fighters to corporate jets – The Perfect Landing is the perfect place for you!

What do you do on weekends to relax and enjoy Denver South?

  • On weekends, I usually watch a lot of volleyball. My daughter has been playing competitively since she was a freshman in high school and now plays Club Volleyball at 303 Volleyball in Inverness Business Park. Denver South has at least eight volleyball clubs; we are where most of the metro region plays and competes. If you or your family play volleyball – you really need to check out 303, Elevation, Momentum, or any of the other clubs in Denver South.

What is one surprising fact about Denver South you think people would be surprised by?

Chris’ work is vital to ensuring our region continues to enjoy the economic growth and vibrancy we are accustomed to in the region. Together, with you and all our area partners, we are working hard to ensure Denver South continues to be a desirable place for employers, employees, and their families.

These videos are one of our favorite ways to share a bit about us and encourage you to get out and explore Denver South!  We love to hear from you, so when you have a question or comment, please reach out – Chris and the team are always excited to connect and share all the region has to offer.