For Denver South our Director of Operations, Alex, fills many vital roles. Although much of her work is behind-the-scenes, she is instrumental in many of our projects and initiatives and ensures our office runs smoothly. We hope our posts this month have given you a flavor of who Alex is and what she loves about working with Denver South and our amazing partners and community. We definitely appreciate her, and all she brings to the table.

We recently sat down with Alex to ask her some of her favorite things about Denver South. The first thing Alex mentioned was her newest family member, Louis – Alex and her fiancé’s new puppy.  We are excited to have Louis join the team – and hope to see him around the office from time to time!

What’s your favorite part of working at Denver South?

The people. My coworkers are good humans that I enjoy working with. Looking outward, the folks we encounter and work with as an organization represent a broad and diverse spectrum of backgrounds, expertise, industry, and influence. It’s an exciting environment that lends to learning a lot about ways to build relationships and trust with a variety of individuals.

What do you enjoy about your operations role at Denver South?

While general operations may seem boring, it actually is a fairly dynamic area to work in, especially for smaller organizations where folks have to wear multiple hats. You get the chance to learn about and work with all parts of the organization. Moreover, and surprising to some, a key responsibility of the job is relationship building – whether it’s with key partners, board members, or vendors. There is still an outward facing component; you are not just a behind-the-scenes actor. I’m quite proud to work in operations. I feel that if I do my job well, it creates a strong foundation that contributes to my coworkers’ and the organization’s success.

What’s your go-to coffee shop in Denver South?

I like to go to 303 Coffee. It’s very close to our office, has a good environment, and good coffee. There are other great coffee shops in Denver South like Monk & Mongoose Coffee Co and Corvus Coffee Roasters that I will stop by if I’m nearby. Check out my last blog post for my Denver South picks for lunch!