Erin Schneiderman can tell a great story. As the lead for creating the Denver South brand, she creates and shapes stories to support and engage with the greater community. Her stories are simple, powerful, effective messages – messages that highlight the incredible diversity of the communities and the businesses that drive Denver South’s success. With such incredible stories to tell, it’s no wonder that Erin loves her job.

The challenge of creating a brand that encompasses all we are and what we do motivates the marketing team. It’s a fun fact that Denver South is both a location and an organization. Erin knows that creating and managing the brand for Denver South is critical to helping the community, area businesses, and residents understand what both the organization and the region has to offer!

The stories we share showcase all of Denver South. We have a number of active campaigns designed to reach our business leaders, municipalities, and the greater community, to highlight what the region – and our organization – has to offer. Erin leads a team that strives to be responsive to what our staff and stakeholders need, distilling it all down to help our audiences see and understand all our services, as well as highlighting opportunities to engage with us and the greater community. It all comes down to creating and supporting a thriving community where all who live, work, and play flourish.

Those of us who live and work in Denver South know the appeal of the region; one of our challenges, however, is how to best highlight these attributes to a wider audience who may not be familiar with Denver South. The result of these efforts has been our Community Overview video, which we were excited to premier in early August. This video, which can be viewed here, provided us the opportunity to highlight our region from a new perspective, providing an showcase of why so many organizations and individuals have chosen to call Denver South home.

Another key focus of our marketing team’s efforts is on sharing stories of who and what Denver South is, and how residents and businesses benefit from living or working in the region.  One of our newest branding and storytelling efforts is My Denver South, which gives our community the opportunity to share their Denver South experience in their own words.

Erin and her team were excited to launch My Denver South this past May, to highlight just a few of the stories that, together, create the community that is Denver South. We’ll be talking more about My Denver South in the coming weeks; in the meantime, you can watch our My Denver South videos then challenge yourself to answer, “My Denver South is…”. You don’t have to share your answer with us, but we sure would love to know!

Under Erin’s leadership, we are sharing stories that highlight the businesses, people, and programs that demonstrate Denver South’s draw to businesses and individuals alike. Inspired by the creativity all around us, we are learning to share our stories in new and different ways every day. As we continue our efforts, you will start seeing us in so many new places – around town, in newspapers, community events, and even on the back of buses!

We can’t wait to share all these stories with you.