Based in Centennial, GroovyTek is a small business that is dedicated every day to helping folks become comfortable and confident navigating their personal technology devices independently and on their own terms. The company’s trainers provide one-on-one technology training sessions anchored in respect and patience both in-home and over the phone.
Here at Denver South, we’ll be spotlighting up-and-coming businesses in the region in this space every month. Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime check out the below video featuring GroovyTek co-founder Matt Munro.

What is GroovyTek and what do you do?

GroovyTek provides one-on-one, in-home, personal technology training sessions. So what we do is we have trainers come to people’s homes and work side-by-side with them, and they can express any frustrations they have with the technology and ultimately help them become comfortable and confident navigating their smartphones, tablets and computers.
Consider it like personal training for fitness and apply that to technology. All of our trainings are designed in such a way, and all of our services are designed in such a way patients in the SPEC. So we will work with people, we will help them become excited and empowered and ultimately change the nature of their relationship with technology.

Why do this? What’s your mission

GroovyTek’s mission is ultimately based on the fact that we think a large portion on the population is frankly being misrepresented and somewhat disrespected, and we’re talking about Silicon Valley here. They’re happy to put out all these new products and they’re happy to make a lot of money and ask us to go buy them, have us do updates and all that, but they don’t seem really too concerned about helping people understand how to make the most of these products. How to be able to use them to improve their lives. How to use this, that or the other to make their day-to-day life a little bit easier and how to connect how technology can really intersect with their life and make things better.
That’s where we come in. We want to be that bridge to be able to help folks all generations become excited, comfortable and competent navigating technology independently and on their own terms.

How is what GroovyTek is doing differently than the old training videos?

Well, first and foremost, I think the most important differentiator between us and the other services out there is that we understand that it’s about relationships. So everything we do is focused on being able to have one-on-one, side-by-side, customized support. We believe that that’s where the magic really happens.
People are overwhelmed with all the updates and different elements and downloads that come with keeping up with technology. And being able to sit down with someone, tune out the noise, be in an environment where there’s no stupid questions, it’s a complete safe zone, and be able to tackle things that may have become a little bit of a barrier in front of you. We are able to work side by side and knock those down. And when you do that, you ultimately help folks kind of change the tone of how they look at their smartphone, tablet and computer.

Why start this company in Colorado?

Deep down, we believe there’s a spirit in Colorado, a spirit of supporting endeavors. I guess it’s kind of that pioneering spirit. We felt that everyone we’ve met with, everyone we’ve interacted with, at their core they’ve been rooting for our success and we don’t know if that would be the case in many other places.
Colorado has been early adopters, embraced us, they’ve given us a chance, they’ve welcomed us into their homes. We’ve been able to now conduct over 10,000 hours of personal technology training sessions, one-on-one in people’s homes and I don’t know if there are that many other markets that would be that open to something new, that open and welcoming us into their homes and into their hearts as Colorado. And I think the fact that we were in Colorado is a big part of that.

Why Denver South in particular?

First of all, the founders are all in the area, so that that did play a role. But we started looking at the different segments of who would be able to embrace our services, who would be able to support us, and the communities in Denver South have done just that. We have a lovely relationship with so many different residents as well as businesses. It feels like the whole area really is kind of rooting for our success, very supportive and proud in that.
Additionally, as we’ve grown and evolved a bit, we’ve been able to take advantage of some of the logistical advantages of being in Denver South. We’re able to deploy our trainers out of our headquarters in Centennial and serve clients anywhere from Fort Collins all the way down to Colorado Springs and to Boulder. So we found the functionality of being able to get onto the freeways and access the different markets to be beneficial.
And we’re starting to really find there’s a lot of support for startups and for companies trying to make a difference in Denver South and we’re certainly happy to be a part of that.

What’s next for GroovyTek?

We want to grow, but want to grow responsibly. We want to make sure that everything we do every day makes sense, that we’re fine-tuning our process and our procedures and get that side of things very buttoned-up. Because we certainly understand the demand for a service such as ours is there, but we need to fine tune things.
What we really need is the continued support of our clients and the community, which we’re very grateful to have at this point. We’ve been able to kind of stumble through a couple of early iterations of the service and now we really feel like we’re quote ready for prime time and we just need to make sure that we work every day to understand we have to be true to our mission and that there is ultimately a responsibility that we owe to our clients and the community giving tech the best shot of impacting the most people’s lives in the most positive way every day in whatever manifestation that may help.