Welcome to November’s staff profile featuring Brian Bates – our Marketing Specialist!

Brian is responsible for keeping you up-to-date on all things Denver South. Whether it’s an email, LinkedIn post, or the regional update you’re reading now, if it’s from us – Brian had a hand in getting it to you.

Many people think marketing is all about the ads, images, and creative messaging that bombard us throughout the day. Brian’s role is somewhat different. He spends a good portion of his time on the “backend”: reading and reviewing results to find out what information and stories resonate best with you, our audience.

Brian loves the technical aspect of marketing. He keeps up on the tools and software we use to reach our audiences effectively. For example, he has been staying ahead of the changes Google is making to its analytics platform to ensure we’re making data-driven, informed decisions as a team.

We are focused on expanding the reach and awareness of Denver South. Everyday, Brian challenges himself to create content that will catch your eye, spark your thoughts, and provide a better view of the amazing area we call home. Brian helps create and direct our efforts to keep you connected and informed with what’s happening in the area.

We have a strong network of organizations that are contributing to the success of our region, from associations, to chambers of commerce, and everything in between. Brian works closely with these key partners, who are critical to sharing our stories and successes, to amplify our messages.  He also works hard to expand the reach and awareness of Denver South through our marketing campaigns, email campaigns, and social media accounts.

A Denver South native, Brian and his family still live in the region. That’s one of the many reasons he cares so deeply about his work. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the world of digital marketing in this month’s blog series!