Helping to drive real-world requirements and scale of fog computing in a smart city environment

Denver, CO (Date) – Denver South, a regional economic development organization for a portion of the Denver Metro Area, has become the first region to join the OpenFog Consortium and its Americas Regional Committee. This smart city economic partnership region will seek to identify fog computing solutions to seamlessly enable advanced municipal services utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G communications and embedded Artificial Intelligence applications. As an active member of OpenFog, Denver South will bring unique viewpoints to identify the computing and networking requirements for the business and citizens of this connected city. Denver South will also participate in early testbed activities with global members of OpenFog.

Public safety and emergency services, smart buildings, connected vehicles and public transportation are just a few of the many areas in a smart city that generate terabytes of data. This influx of data can lead to critical delays and overload public networks. Fog computing addresses these challenges by distributing the compute, control and communication of information closer to where the information is processed; right where people and things need it most.
“At Denver South, we are building smarter, more connected cities and utilizing smart city related technologies throughout our region as a whole. We see fog computing as a critical tool for enabling the advanced digital applications that will enrich the experiences for area businesses, citizens and visitors as we head into the future,” said Jake Rishavy, Vice President of Innovation for Denver South. “By joining OpenFog, we are helping to define the requirements for a smart city and ensuring the architecture works in real-world environments. We believe that our participation in the OpenFog Consortium will extend the impact and speed of roll out of the experience we are creating.”
“Fog computing is ideally suited for smart city environments,” said Jeff Fedders, president of OpenFog Consortium. “You can’t afford latency delays, or the risk of a computer/network system going down, when you are dealing with connected cars, connected roads, public safety surveillance and other data-intense areas. Denver South has many innovative ideas as it builds out one of the first smart cities from the ground up, and OpenFog is looking forward to working with them to really drive the requirements and create testbeds in the challenging area of a smart, connected city.”

About Denver South EDP
Denver South Economic Development Partnership is a 35-year-old public/private partnership that operates to provide visionary economic development leadership, civic involvement and positive business advocacy in a non-partisan and collaborative manner. Our goal is to continuously improve the region’s economy and high-quality standard of living. We achieve our mission through local, regional and global business retention, expansion and attraction strategies; investment in modern transportation and other infrastructures; and promotion of public-private partnerships and public policy advocacy.

About the OpenFog Consortium
The OpenFog Consortium is a public-private nonprofit organization with the mission to drive industry and academic leadership in fog computing, with emphasis on architectural aspects and testbed deployments for IoT and 5G scenarios.