A Better Tomorrow Happens Today.

In Denver South, we believe the future of our community isn’t something we sit back and wait for longingly. The future is something we create. Thoughtfully, intentionally. Today. This belief is what defines Denver South. It has guided us for decades and it is how we will chart a course for the future.

The proactive and optimistic spirit of our region has never been more important than it is today. Like you, we spent the early part of this year working to help our friends and neighbors. In doing so we also reflected on our community, our organization, our history, and our collective place in the world.

This reflection left us both energized and hopeful. And, we felt our brand should better reflect those feelings. So, we took action. Over the months that followed, we worked alongside our stakeholders to bring our brand in line with the ideals we hold true.

The most noticeable change, of course, is in our name and logo. It was a complicated decision motivated by a very simple fact: When a name or logo no longer serves you, change it.

Since our founding in 1983, our organization has had various names. We began as the Douglas County Economic Development Council. As our area of influence grew, we became the Southeast Business Partnership, or SEBP. Since 2012, we’ve been the Denver South Economic Development Partnership. In parallel, our transportation arm began as the South I25 Urban Corridor Transportation Management Authority, which evolved to become the Denver South Transportation Management Association.

That’s a lot of names, a lot of words and a lot of corresponding acronyms: SEBP, DSEDP, DSTMA. The list goes on and even our closest friends at times referred to us with laughable variations on this robust collection of names. Worst of all, the complexity of our busy name was reflected in our logos, too:


Aside from sounding like every other economic development group in the country, it did little to represent how unique our community is. And it was very easy to get wrong. Today, we’re simplifying, clarifying and launching a new brand that creates unity between the organization’s functions and with the broader region.


Ultimately, we arrived at a single, two-word brand: Denver South.

Of course, the reality is that as an organization, we still do a lot of diverse work. From business retention, attraction, and growth; to improving mobility throughout the region. We wear a lot of hats. Our new identity honors this reality by using primary and secondary color palettes, so don’t be surprised to see any of these variations in coming months.

We won’t bore you with our approach to every color selection, line, or curve; though there is a deeper meaning to each of them. At its simplest, this new approach is future forward and modern. It expresses stability and permanence. We used the negative space of the letter “U” to create an upward facing arrow that represents the hopeful, optimistic direction of our shared future.

Denver South Logos

Ultimately, this new identity is confident and bold and proud.

More than just a new name and logo, you will also notice other powerful changes. Our new website has been designed with the user in mind. When you visit Denver-South.com you’ll find the information you need on all aspects of living, working, and doing business in the region. The website showcases a photography heavy approach to promote the region. You already know that Denver South is about more than just business; it’s also one of the best places in the world to live and play. We are now better highlighting the amazing people and places at the center of it all and sharing our secret with the world.

In coming months, you’ll see these changes reflected in all your interactions with Denver South, from business cards and letterhead to signage and publications. There are too many applications to name.

Each of these brand elements work together to illustrate the powerful regional collaboration that has long defined us. Throughout our history, we’ve come together in a considered and unique way. Business leaders, public officials, residents, and everyone with a stake in our community; all working together to create the future we want. From creating a broad aspirational vision for the future of Denver South down to real issues like mobility, affordability, and attracting the workforce of the future.

At its simplest, Denver South is both the geographic area along the I-25 corridor south of Denver and the powerful collaboration of community partners and leaders who are co-authoring our collective future.

For businesses looking for a new home.
For businesses here already looking to expand.
For the families and workers who live and work here today that make Denver South flourish.

Join us as we work together to define our tomorrow, today.