Dear Amazon,

Recently, The New York Times published a piece helping you select a city for your new headquarters, and through a process of elimination using your own criteria, landed on Denver.

We completely agree

We boast nearly 300 days of sunshine. We enjoy countless craft breweries and a thriving restaurant scene. We support franchises in all four major league sports. And we enjoy a nearly unparalleled quality of life.
In an effort to show off that Colorado hospitality, we wanted to give you even more reasons to pick Denver. Still using your own search criteria, if we dig beneath the surface just a little, you’ll see the case for Denver South in particular gets much, much stronger. We know, because we’ve done the research. Most of these facts come from our independent research on what’s happening in the Denver South region.

Job growth is strong

Employment in the Denver South region in the fourth quarter of 2016 was up 2.6 percent compared with the same period in 2015, adding nearly 5,700 jobs over the period, and is looking to continue to increase.

The right labor pool is large and growing

Denver ranked fourth in the country for the best overall value for technology workers, according to the data company Paysa. The Denver South region is an unrivaled center for IT-software and electronics companies. Further, the region’s reputation as a tech hub, unmatched talent pool, and entrepreneurial ecosystem support this growing and thriving industry. The region is home to nearly 18,200 IT-software and electronics workers in nearly 990 companies, employing 5.6 percent of the region’s total employment base. The tech sector also happens to be one of our steadiest growth sectors for several years in a row.

High quality of life

In addition to the stunning mountain views and more days of sunshine than San Diego, Colorado has one of the top-10 healthcare systems in the country. In fact, Colorado’s healthcare system jumped five spots in the organization’s “Scorecard on State Health System Performance” from before the Affordable Care Act to the present.
The reasons go on. However, we’ll end here…for now. Look for more reasons coming soon.
Denver South
P.S. If you need a refresher, or if you’d like to read the New York Times Article in its entirety, you can find it right here.