New Senior Vice President David Worley is keeping busy as he settles into his role. Since his first day in February, he has constantly been meeting new people, making connections, and learning all he can about the history of Denver South. Although it has led to some long days, he is loving every minute of his new adventure.

David is thrilled to be leading our team. “In addition to building relationships with our partnering jurisdictions, the Denver South business community, and the commercial real estate world, I’ve been able to enjoy several conversations with our knowledgeable and committed board. I am getting to know our great staff. They’re fun, interesting, competent, and committed to our vision for the area. They make a positive difference in my day-to-day experience.”

A Strong Work Ethic From the Start

With a long family history in the cattle industry, David was raised on a working cattle farm in southeastern Colorado and spent his days doing chores like pitching hay bales. This upbringing instilled within David a strong work ethic and gave him an appreciation for community that inspires him to this day. After studying engineering at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, he gained valuable experience in New York City, working as a consulting civil engineer on various land development projects.

After returning to Colorado, David completed his PhD and joined the staff of the University of Denver. There, he helped restructure and grow several critical business units. His PhD research, along with this hands-on business leadership experience, gave him wide exposure to many different systems of leadership and management. Gaining experience in organizational leadership sparked a passion for understanding the intricate workings of “human systems” within communities, and what makes them prosper.

Bringing His Experience to Denver South

As he points out in our conversations, research shows just how interconnected our world is. Communities around the world are tied together through vibrant networks of commerce and trade. This is David’s personal experience as well.  By combining his research and passion for community economic development, David has built a career leading teams of collaborative partners to help solve complex social and business problems.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll get David’s take on Denver South and what he sees as the future for our region. David brings a wealth of both academic knowledge and real-world business experience to Denver South. With his leadership and the dedicated staff and board, Denver South is well-positioned to continue driving economic vibrancy, advocating for practical solutions, and creating a sustainable and vibrant future for the region.