Data and analytics are changing the face of how businesses and governments operate, with impacts on us all. The team at Denver South-based Chrysalis Partners represents the creativity involved with turning raw data into tools designed to engage everyone – not just analysts and data scientists – as well as the ability to monetize government and corporate data to power further innovation.

It’s no secret that in today’s connected world, data is king. With every vehicle trip, Google search, swipe of your phone, or retail transaction, a data point is created and stored somewhere in the ethereal cloud. The question that nearly every business or government agency is faced with is “How can we get the most out of this data?”

Centennial, Colo.-based Chrysalis Partners was formed in 2018 to help businesses and governments get value, utility and revenue from their data assets. Whether focused on internal insights for operational efficiencies & reporting, external marketing & storytelling that reaches a more targeted audience, or the creation of revenue-producing data; Chrysalis Partners offers their clients custom services that specifically meet their needs and objectives.
Kitty Kolding, Chrysalis Partners’ Founder and CEO, and her team offer far more than just the data science and analytical expertise. They are a team of writers, designers, researchers, editors, visualizers and more that help bring the data to life to support decision-making and activate data-driven thinking. Kitty and her executive team bring more than 130 years of collective experience in C-suite roles in data, market research, technology and analytically focused companies.
“Being based in the Denver South region is such an advantage for us,” said Kolding. “Geographically it’s perfect, but even more importantly, the spirit of innovation – from start ups to Fortune 500 players, accelerators and investors – in this area is incredibly inspiring and energizing.”

Kitty and Chrysalis Partners have been instrumental members and supporters of several initiatives throughout Denver South, including supporting the entrepreneurial and small business ecosystem in our region. Chrysalis is also a leading member in the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, helping 25 public jurisdictions across Colorado understand how their innovation portfolio’s stack up against their peer cities.
We’re proud to call Chrysalis Partners a leading member of our Denver South community.
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