We’re excited to continue our series focused on our leadership and staff through this second conversation with Tom Brook, as we dive into the opportunities presented by collaboration. We hope it provides insight into who we are and our passion for the future of Denver South.

Denver South is a big geographic area. Six different jurisdictions, each with different policies and priorities, make up the region. With many different visions and political points of view within the region, there can sometimes be tension we need to navigate together. As an organization, we are a public/private partnership and – while we can influence outcomes – we cannot affect them. We must rely on our partners to move the region forward. Therefore collaboration in every aspect of our work is vital in shaping our future.

A History of Collaboration

From the very beginning, the region’s early development partners realized that collaboration was key to the region’s cohesion and success. This collaboration was imperative in supporting the region’s emergent cities and attracting residents, businesses, and commerce to create a vibrant, strong, and diverse community. As the region grew, Denver South was created as the organization charged with continuing that vision.

Continuing the Vision

Tom has been a collaborator throughout his career and plays a critical role in hearing and bringing all viewpoints together. He credits the vision of the original developers and early elected officials with creating a region where everyone works hard at working together. He has worked hard to continue this tradition, and to emulate the leadership his predecessors modeled. As an organization Denver South continues to focus on creating and sustaining conversations and partnerships that lead to opportunities for the whole region.

Tom has seen many historic changes in his career. From shifts in the world of IT to the recent pandemic and shift toward hybrid work, there has been a profound change in how we work, and how we work together.

“A lot of talented people have helped create this region, and I’m fortunate to work with so many civic minded and dedicated people,” says Tom. “They have a long-term perspective and have always recognized the potential for the broader region. We are stronger together and have a big story to share.”

Collaborating for the Future

We know that collaboration and partnerships lead to collective success. These traits also build connections and relationships – even across competitors and competing interest groups. Now, as in the beginning, our vision as an organization and as a region needs to be fluid and dynamic. Just as Denver South has seen many changes in the last 35 years, we know the next 35 years will hold even greater changes we must be ready to address and shape.

We will only be ready to tackle these challenges and opportunities together, collaborating and innovating to ensure Denver South continues to be a desirable place to live, work, and play. Our founders set the standard, and we are honored to carry their mantle forward.

“It’s no real secret that collaboration and face to face connection drives and defines innovation and how we do things together,” Tom shares. “As an organization, we convene and connect people and organizations to collaborate, in order to help catalyze action. We recognize we have so much to learn from everybody we meet – there is value in every person – and when we stop and listen to each other, we learn and are able to go much further together.”