“Working at Denver South, every day presents a new opportunity to positively impact my hometown and build the community I love for friends and family.” 


Brian has Denver South in his blood. Having grown up here, he has watched the region grow and evolve in a way that few others have. That’s given him a unique perspective on his work and the connections he has with the region.

As a member of our Marketing team, Brian’s role provides critical cross-team functions for us. He is continually working with our Economic Development and Transportation teams to ensure they have the marketing resources they need to speak to, and share Denver South’s message with, their diverse audiences. This cross-team collaboration is also critical in ensuring the information we share with you is as up-to-date and relevant as possible.

For Brian, that means creating and curating messages based on the team’s priorities. He has many sources for content: our staff, regional news sources, and external relationships with key stakeholders in the region. He also regularly scours the LinkedIn feeds of our region’s businesses and partners to share the many successes and stories from Denver South – both large and small.

For us, sharing these stories is not just a way to share the incredible work being done by our region’s jurisdictions, companies, and employees. Our communication, and our social engagement, is done with the intent to build community, and to remind our audience that they are an integral part of the Denver South community. Brian shares the stories of the community that we are, and the community we are striving toward. He loves to find and share stories that resonate and share the heartbeat of our community, because one company’s success truly benefits the entire region.

“It’s important,” Brian shares. “Our strategy and content shows that we are focused on being a thought leader and resource. I want to share what successes are happening around us and be sure to help amplify that message.” 

As a team, we are constantly engaging with the community and are on the lookout for new ways to build excitement and engagement, as well as to elevate the profile of Denver South. We love stories that highlight different aspects of our community and neighborhoods – stories we can share that are important to you, our residents, businesses and area partners. We want to hear your stories too! If you have an idea or story we can amplify, Brian would love to hear from you.

An introvert by nature, Brian likes working behind the scenes, but he is very active in our Denver South community. Although he is involved with a number of Denver South nonprofits, two organizations are his passions – the Life Center with Mission Hills, and working as a job coach mentor with Thrive.

This coming year, Brian will also co-chair the Marketing & Communications Committee of the Economic Development Council of Colorado which will give him an opportunity to lead and share ideas and best practices throughout the Colorado economic development community. We are thrilled Brian is taking on this role; stay tuned to our next blog post to learn more about the Economic Development Council of Colorado!