To colleagues and supporters:

It is a bittersweet message I am delivering to you today, as I announce my retirement from the Denver South Economic Development Partnership at the end of this month.
Thank you for the past nine years of collaboration on Economic Development projects that are resulting in thousands of jobs in Denver South and the Rocky Mountain Front Range.
Beginning in Helena, Montana in 1971 until now, it has been my good fortune to work in this profession which is a Dream Machine. When successful with the leadership and assistance of public and private people collaboratively working to preserve and create jobs, the Dream Machine works. Many organizations are collaborating, including local and state government, education, workforce, nonprofits, businesses, and community colleges.

Looking Back

Over these past five decades working in several states and countries, I have been a part of teams that have assisted hundreds of businesses, to create thousands of jobs. The beneficiaries of these jobs are individuals and families that have had the opportunity to build an economic foundation allowing them to pursue their dreams. This has resulted in positive ripples throughout their communities – ongoing.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Dream Team.

Keep the Dream Machine going, and many other individual and social challenges will be lightened. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.
Thank you,
– Mike