As we mentioned in our previous update, Chris Shapard traveled to Germany in November to meet with over 30 companies who expressed interest in Denver South. This trip was a unique opportunity for Chris to combine her love of travel with her knowledge of both economic development and the region, while connecting with companies who wanted to learn more about Denver South.

Her trip is part of our larger strategy to increase the region’s visibility to international companies who may be considering US expansion. As those of us who are local know, we have a unique lifestyle that is different from what can be found on the East or West Coast. We are excited to share this lifestyle, and the unique positioning our market can offer, with these companies who may be unfamiliar with Denver South.

In partnership with a multinational consulting firm based in Frankfurt, we have been working to identify companies and industry sectors that would compliment and strengthen our existing businesses and industries. Recently, our focus has specifically been on aerospace, information technology, life science, and engineering companies located in France, Germany, and Great Britain.

The Trip to Germany

After flying nonstop from Denver to Germany a medical device trade show in Dusseldorf, featuring thousands of companies from across the globe, was Chris’ first stop. Although Denver South was the only attendee from Colorado, Chris took every opportunity to share about our state, and all it has to offer. From early morning to late at night Chris was connecting, networking, and sharing with as many companies as possible the strengths and opportunities for growth our region has to offer.

Following the trade show, she embarked on a guided introduction tour to meet with companies we had targeted to have deeper, more intentional conversations. Chris traversed Germany – from Frankfurt, to Dusseldorf, to Cologne, and everywhere in between – to meet with key decision makers from these companies. She was even able to connect with a company executive who had lived in Colorado previously!

“I was very surprised by the number of Bronco Fans in Germany. One executive had a lot of memorabilia in his office and wanted to reminisce about the games he had attended when he lived here. It was a fun conversation,” she shared.

A number of the German companies Chris connected with were headquartered in smaller towns, which provided a unique local flavor for Chris to enjoy. Although her days were packed full of meetings and travel, she still got to see the local countryside, stay and eat in a variety of small, family run hotels, and was able to see a lot of Germany that tourists often miss. In some of the smaller towns, her translate app was invaluable!

This made the tour very different from her experience at the trade show. The small town feel was one of the many reasons we believe the companies Chris connected with would be a great fit for our region. These companies already appreciate the importance of having a live/work/play community.

Looking back on this trip, we know that we met our goal of increasing the visibility and interest in Colorado and Denver South. She has many follow-up conversations with breweries, medical device companies, and other companies scheduled, and a few companies are scheduling trips to visit Denver South later this year. We’re excited to see the fruits of our labor, and are optimistic that – thanks to the efforts of Chris and our entire staff – 2023 will be an exciting year for our region!