On a good day Daniel rides his motorcycle to the office – or, because we live in a hybrid work world, around Denver South. As he rides, his mind is usually on transportation and preparing for meetings and calls with our area partners.

Riding into work gives him a different perspective on how traffic flows, and how improvements can be made to increase safety and efficiency across different transportation options – from light rail to single occupancy cars, bicycles, and even scooters. Here at Denver South, we’re committed to helping develop multi-modal solutions and integrating them into our overall strategy.

Daniel is making a huge difference for Denver South. He finds purpose and meaning in the work he does. “A lot of what we do is ‘behind the curtain,’ and knowing that my work is helping the organization to have a positive impact on the corridor, region, and general economy really keeps me going,” he says.

His work to plan, connect, research, and steer the many ongoing projects we help coordinate ensures that transportation, the lifeblood of our area, grows and evolves safely and efficiently.

A key challenge for Daniel and our Transportation team is the first and last mile problem. Denver South is working on a comprehensive, forward-thinking planning and execution process involving key stakeholders and partners to implement solutions to improve transportation options for the region’s residents, commuters, businesses, and our partner jurisdictions.

We work hard to capture and make wise use of our transportation dollars. Daniel ensures we are maximizing state and local funding, and is continually searching for new grant and funding opportunities to keep our transportation strategies nimble and viable.

At the end of the day, Daniel can hop back on his motorcycle and enjoy the ride home, knowing that he’s done everything he can to make our streets and highways as efficient as possible – so that we all can ride home safely, whether by light rail, car, bus, or bicycle. That makes his job a source of pride – for Daniel and everyone here at Denver South.