In the transportation world, as in so much of the world, data is what separates fact from perception. As a data-driven Transportation Management Association (TMA), Denver South is in the business of understanding the facts behind our regional commuting patterns.

Pre-Covid, 88 percent of those surveyed were driving alone. Now, based on new reports, we know the bulk of employees in the region are working from home or participating in a phased return to work plan. Denver South is committed to understanding mobility and how we can work collectively with our regional partners to improve movement via all modes in Denver South.

That is why we need your help.

Every year, Denver South deploys a commuter survey. The data gathered in the process is rich and drives our future planning efforts specific to first- and last-mile challenges, congestion mitigation and air quality, infrastructure investment, innovative planning, bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, telework and flexwork initiatives. This year’s survey will also have specific focus on COVID19 and teleworking and its collective impacts on our transportation network.

The information we gather is critical to our planning efforts. As and incentive we are offering great prizes to survey respondents. The list of prizes is impressive, ranging from a $400 gift certificate to Bike Source; Apple Air Pods; Bluetooth headphones; RTD transit passes; 90-Day Audible subscription; or gift cards to IKEA, Park Meadows Retail Resort or Target. This year survey takers will have chances to win weekly.

But it isn’t just great prizes, it’s an opportunity to help us help you by better addressing our commuting environment. The 2019 Commuter Survey revealed Denver South’s efforts in the region reduced the drive-alone rate from 91 percent to 88 percent. While that may not seem like a lot, those efforts reduced vehicle miles travelled in the region by over 4 million miles, nearly nine round trips to the and back. The survey also showed commuters are interested in sustainable modes of transportation, specifically telework and transit, if they were allowed and/or subsidized by their employers. You can view last year’s other key findings here.

2020 has been a dynamic year to say the least and we can’t wait to share the results with you from this year’s survey! Please share the link with others. Help us help you as we navigate Denver South together.

Tomorrow happens today.

To take the survey now click here.