Series: Women In Business

At Denver South we celebrate business leaders.

In our new Women in Business series, we talk with business leaders across the region in a multitude of industries on a variety of topics. Dig in and you will hear and read about how these women have sustained businesses for over 20 years, broken into traditionally male-dominated industries, offer advice for those entering the workforce, and a plethora of ways to measure success.

Margie Adams and Steph McCauley from Emerge Approach talk through why culture is important to the bottom line.

We learn from Rachel Namoff of Arapaho Asset Management about her company core values for both clients and staff.

Suzanne Griffiths from Griffiths Law PC talks about passion in for her industry and fighting for the underdog.

Gina Schreck, owner of SocialKNX, talks about the importance of being bold in business.

Kitty Kolding, CEO of Chrysalis Partners, talks about breaking into a male-dominated industry.