Denver South has your desk. And funding partners. And workshops.

Really, all you need.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy or convenient. There’s no clearly marked path, and there are no guarantees. You, however, press on, fueled by a crystalline certainty that your idea, your product, your innovation has potential. This is the American ideal of success and it creates vibrant economic ecosystems.
Denver South recognizes the beauty in the entrepreneurial pursuit, which is why we’re thrilled to be home to Colorado’s most exciting business incubator: Innovation Pavilion.

About Innovation Pavilion

At 9200 E. Mineral Ave. in Centennial, there’s a campus teeming with the state’s most exciting ventures. It’s the brainchild of “serial” entrepreneur and investor Vic Ahmed, whose other projects include Colorado’s STEM Academy and Business Genetics. Vic Ahmed modeled Innovation Pavilion after Silicon Valley’s most successful incubators and is expanding into other second-tier cities, such as Joliet, IL and Olathe, KS.

Resources for Every Entrepreneur

The Money

There are multiple paths to funding at the Centennial IP campus. Meet the right people and hold fruitful meetings with the Connect Now program. Or, get your business in front of the world’s premier venture investors community; IP has developed a close partnership with the Keiretsu Forum Rocky Mountain chapter. And, because they share IP’s values, the CO Small Business Development Network is another great resource. Access their free consulting and affordable (often free!) training programs to start funding your venture.

The Thing

You’ve got the idea. You’ve got the plan. But, to make an impression, you need a prototype. The Makerspace, IP’s prototype lab and design center, is opening soon. And IP has relationships with manufacturers and distributors across many industries, so you can get that valuable introduction.

The Partners

Need a service provider, but you’re nervous about fit? IP has done the homework. They’ve vetted the professionals and providers you need to get your idea off the ground.

The Information

You’re terrified of public speaking. But you need to feel comfortable making a compelling pitch. IP has a workshop for you. You’re an ideas person. A dreamer. A renegade. But you’re not so great long-term financial planning. That’s okay. IP has a workshop for you. You’re a new, highly driven entrepreneur. But you’re feeling lost in this brand new, unfamiliar territory. IP, you guessed it, has a workshop for you.

The Space

Ideas live in the ether. Work happens here on earth, usually at a desk. Sometimes in an office.
IP has flexible workspaces for you to plot, meet, email and think. Need a seat just for you? Need an office? Need a conference room? Need room for you and your growing team? At IP, it’s all doable, and you won’t have to stress about the basics, such a printer, a fridge to store your lunch, or wifi. They have it covered.
Denver South breeds innovation. Innovation Pavilion is the nest.
At Denver South’s IP campus, your startup can grow in a collaborative, flexible workspace. You can meet like-minded innovators, share creative energy and make valuable connections. You can attend events, so you’re always current, always informed. You can apply for and be chosen to participate in deep-dive programs aimed at pushing your business forward by acquiring funding, building prototypes, and meeting the right people.

It’s a fully immersive ecosystem of support and resources, and it’s helping South Denver establish its role as an innovation destination.
Call 1(303) 414-2157 or visit the Innovation Pavilion website for more information.