Denver South has enjoyed success in the Aviation and Aerospace industry. Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Shapard, who recently returned from the Paris Air Show. The Paris Air Show is one of the largest aviation-related trade fairs and aviation shows in the world.

Connecting Denver South Globally

Chris had high expectations heading into the trip. The trip, however, was more successful than she anticipated. Over the course of a week, Chris worked with our consultants to meet with more than 20 companies from around the world. Each meeting was a unique chance to showcase our region to key decision-makers in these companies. It also gave Chris the opportunity to share why Denver South is a natural fit for the aviation and aerospace industry.

“Denver South’s aerospace companies, suppliers, and infrastructure – including our higher education assets and Centennial Airport – are recognized worldwide. This made it easier to sell the idea of meetings to potential partners,” Chris shares. “The response has been overwhelming, with multiple companies already expressing a desire to visit our region.”

She shared about a few of the companies who have great interest in visiting Denver South. “A French defense aerospace firm and two aerospace suppliers from Spain followed up almost immediately after the show. Our presence had an impact beyond my time in Paris. I’ll be following up with an additional 10 companies expressed interest in learning more about the region.”

Interest from the Drone Industry

There was great interest from the drone industry in particular. She noted that one of the companies she met with is  considering a manufacturing facility in Denver South and was looking to schedule a visit to the region. These visits are critical in raising awareness and elevating the economy of Denver South.

The Paris Air Show is a large-scale show held every other year. This year had over 2,500 exhibitors and drew more than 130,000 attendees from around the world. An estimated $150 billion in business-to-business deals took place during the show.

When asked about her personal favorite aspect of the trade visit, Chris smiles and shares, “The aviation airshows were straight out of Top Gun! I was impressed by the breathtaking aerial displays, including an attack helicopter performing maneuvers I didn’t think were possible!”

The Paris Experience

In between meetings, events, and networking, Chris had a few moments to soak in The City of Light. She shares she was able to recharge from the day at the Tuileries Garden – her favorite locale in Paris. “With its centuries-old trees and serene environment, it’s a great place to enjoy a glass of local wine and soak in the ambiance of the city. It was an absolute delight to experience.”

With such international interest from her time at the show, Denver South’s aerospace industry seems destined for even greater heights. Chris is already looking forward to the 2025 Paris Air Show to promote the region, showcase our companies, and share all we have to offer the international aerospace industry.