Choosing the right location for your business sets you on a path to success as fast as possible. Where you reside helps in recruiting top talent, determines how much you’ll pay, and even guides the culture of your business. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the questions to help get you settled and thriving.

How do I choose a location for my business?”
Colorado real estate is flourishing; the diversity of options for your business location is arguably better than ever. Denver South provides an unbeatable mix of offerings. In addition to state and local incentives, specific industries have targeted grant programs. Workforce incentives are also a focal point. Hiring assistance and workforce training grants are often utilized. Renewable energy rebates and demand side management programs can encourage responsible efficiency upgrades to facilities and provide significant savings to employers.

Where specifically should I place my business?”
Real estate agents always say “Location, location, location.” They hit you with the same word three times to let you know the importance of where your business resides. And Denver South has multiple options: 18 business parks and six jurisdictions to be exact. Each one has its own thriving industries and new opportunities.
Greenwood Village alone has four business parks, including the Denver Tech Center, where numerous office spaces are available for a diverse number of industries. Denver South frequently gives tours to help companies explore a wide variety of options in the region.
The Denver South region has an employment base of 220,300 workers, representing over 14 percent of total Metro Denver employment. Between the third quarters of 2014 and 2015, employment in the Denver South region expanded by nearly 7,000 jobs, a 3.3 percent increase.
The Denver South region’s population is highly educated, as nearly 98 percent of the population 25 years and over has a high school degree or higher. Over 60 percent of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher compared with 43 percent in Metro Denver and 38 percent in Colorado.
The variety of the Denver South jurisdictions provides you the options you need to find the perfect spot for your first square foot.

What are some businesses doing to enhance the success of the area?”
Denver South’s top firms are growing and hiring. This creates a quality talent pool for new businesses to recruit from as they move into the region. Here are a few examples of what businesses are doing to further enliven Denver South.
Zillow Group Inc. plans to add 150 positions to its operations in Centennial. The company will hire business consultants and customer care consultants.
Sky Ridge Medical Center, located in Lone Tree, opened a dedicated pediatric emergency room. The 11-bed facility is staffed 24/7 with pediatric-specialist doctors, nurses who are pediatrics-trained, and emergency medical technicians. The department will house a suite of pediatric specialists including orthopedists, surgeons, and gastroenterologists.
Intermap Technologies Corp., a Douglas County-based mapping technology company, received a $175 million multi-year contract. The company will build a geospatial data analysis system for an unidentified foreign government, called the Orion Platform. The company plans to double the size of its workforce at its Douglas County headquarters.

Where should I start the permitting process in locating my business?”
Permitting processes can be overwhelming. The list of documentation requirements can add up fast. Knowing your jurisdiction and industry is key. Starting a business? You can find Colorado state requirements for businesses here. For real estate or construction permitting, Denver South can help you begin the process with your local city or county offices. Learn about your local jurisdiction by clicking here. Regulation agencies for the state verify your business matches the high quality of industry requirements, and being on top of your licenses ensures you can do what you love, validate your expertise in the field and keep yourself protected.

Which taxes do I need to make sure Im paying?”
The Colorado state flat income tax of 4.63% and single factor apportionment help keep the process simple and tax exposure low. The Tax Foundation ranks Colorado’s corporate tax structure 12th best in the nation. Depending on your property location, industry and staffing, additional requirements may be necessary for accurate tax filing. Specific elements qualify for major sales tax exemptions. Denver South EDP can help identify taxing jurisdictions and quality resources to navigate the landscape. Colorado and Denver South have favorable tax climates and a welcoming business community. Denver South can quickly help your business navigate the tax and incentive policies in the region.

What additional programs and assistance do I have available?”
Regulatory and policy issues require exact navigation. As a result, support and assistance to navigate those programs with helpful services can help grow your business. Time is money. Denver South can quickly help your business navigate the site selection, tax, and permitting process. Having the right analysis of your industry, business climate, and site of your business home can help positively shape the future of your business. The Denver South Economic Development Partnership can even provide letters of support and assistance to navigate certain regulatory and policy information. We’ve continued that practice for years to make sure our vision to position the region as a national and global center of excellence is more than just words.
To answer additional questions and learn how Denver South is the right place for your business, call 303-792-9447 or send us an email at