If you ask her, one of the most exciting aspects of Chris Shapard’s job is meeting with new businesses and executives looking to locate or expand. These conversations are vital to creating growth and opportunity for Colorado and our region. In the next few weeks, she’ll be meeting with companies that are visiting Denver South. We wanted to share a little bit of the preparation that goes into these visits.

A great amount of time and effort is required before any meetings to make these interactions as fruitful as possible, and to ensure our message is in front of the correct audience. We know we have a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on Denver South and all we have to offer every time our team interacts with a prospective employer!

The Process

Much of Chris’ time is spent listening to and building connections with these companies.  Learning all she can helps her target and jump start conversations with businesses that would be a good fit for Colorado, and Denver South in particular.

Chris likes to talk about Colorado. As a board member for the Economic Development Council of Colorado, she has her finger on the economic pulse of the state. She hears from companies on what they look for in new locations and expansion opportunities, and works to help them identify how and why Colorado is a great fit.

As companies get interested and our conversations get more granular, Chris can share specific details about Denver South. It’s not a generic sales pitch – each conversation is unique.  She takes a big picture approach at first and – as she progresses – conversations get more specific, discussing the area, workforce details, and economic development tools that we and our jurisdictional partners have to offer to help them make their decision. Ultimately, Chris works with these companies to help them determine whether Denver South is a good fit for their business.

One of the region’s greatest advantages is our workforce and connections with the larger metro region.  “We have the expertise to do almost anything in Denver South and the community here – the work, live play balance – is such a draw for companies and their employees.  Once they get to know us, they begin to see how their company fits with us,” says Chris.

To increase our exposure, Chris leans on her communication skills. It’s a matter of knowing the person – and their needs – and tailoring the conversation to each individual. It’s a dialog where Chris learns more about the company and what makes it unique, while companies learn all Denver South has to offer. Through her time, travel, and experience, Chris has helped define and build Colorado into an economic powerhouse. Sharing that story gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment that reflects the broader Denver South story.