If you’ve traveled on Yosemite Street just north of C-470, you may have noticed a new trail overpass.

This new bridge was constructed to route the C-470 Trail over the intersection at Yosemite Street and Park Meadows Center Drive. The interchange has historically been a dangerous, complicated, time-consuming crossing. This has been particularly true for trail users. The bridge addresses these challenges and makes the intersection safe for all commuters.

Transportation Outreach Manager Evangelos Gatseos strapped on a go-pro and headed out to ride the new bridge. He shared with us a “before and after” experience from a cyclist’s perspective.

Evangelos’ Experience

Evangelos is an accomplished rider. He has ridden thousands of miles on trails and roads across the world. Because of this experience he is attuned to cyclist safety. He knows what it takes to create safe riding conditions. Watching him ride and talking with him about the bridge gave us a greater appreciation for this new bridge, which many of us may not think twice about.

“The new bridge is an important addition to Denver South’s multi-modal infrastructure. It increases safety and efficiency, which will not only make things easier for existing cyclists, but will also attract new riders to try a cycling commute. This is a great step forward in Denver South.”

The video shows the complicated – and dangerous – crossing before the flyover bridge. With heavy traffic and drivers not attuned to cyclists or pedestrians, it took nearly 3 minutes to traverse the traffic signals. Utilizing the new bridge, this car-free crossing took only 33 seconds – over two minutes faster!

Infrastructure improvements like this are important pieces of our multi-modal transportation model, and will encourage more people to ride and use the trails. This growth will only accelerate as a new generation of e-bikes and e-scooters hit the streets of Denver South.

This bridge–along with another new one a few blocks west at Acres Green Drive and C-470– are welcome additions for cyclists and trail users. It is now possible to bike from Golden to Parker with few street crossings. These bridges affirm Denver South’s commitment to increasing safety and creating innovative approaches to regional transportation solutions.