The Denver South corridor is proven to provide an extensive inventory of both commercial and residential real estate for those looking to call the area home. The Denver South real estate market provides a wide choice of options from pristine office parks, green space to build on, flex space and industrial space on the corporate side to convenient apartment living on the light rail line, existing housing developments nestled among some of the best school districts in the country, and a diverse blend of new homes.
The amount of real estate development along the corridor reflects the quality of life, transportation infrastructure and friendly business climate that Colorado is extraordinary in. A large part of attracting people to the area is the dynamic economy, top employers and a wide variety of housing options for millennials and baby boomers.
As you drive down the Denver South corridor you will see cranes in the air and construction underway in many places. Construction expanded during the second quarter of 2015 with over one million square feet of office, retail, and specialty space in the Denver South region.

Construction continues on many projects in the Denver South region including continued work on the third building of the Charles Schwab campus, which will span 187,500 square feet when completed, the 274,300-square-foot CoBank Center opening this month, One Belleview Station, with 318,000 square feet of office space, the upcoming Jones District in Centennial – a mixed-use development with apartments, office space and retail on 42 acres of raw land, and even more construction to come in RidgeGate; including commercial and retail space, townhomes, courtyard patio homes, and detached single family homes.
The region also has 35,000 square feet of industrial space under construction during the first quarter.
Forbes Magazine recently credited Colorado as being the number one best place for business and careers – much of which can be attributed to the real estate market and continued development of the region. The founders of the area had the foresight to plan the corridor with room to grow both out and up for future generations.
It is clear to many in the public and private sectors in Denver South that when the economy is evolving – businesses are competitive, profitable, attracting good paying jobs, expanding the tax base then many other dreams are possible.
The public and private leaders of Denver South have, over the past 30 years, encouraged a culture of collaboration to ensure this region has one of the best economies anywhere.
This culture of collaboration results in quality education, globally competitive companies, government leaders with vision and courage, a unique balance of high quality development parks, trails, open space, diverse cultural and recreation areas.
Finally – of use to remember with all the focus and attention on technology – real estate – land is still the basis of wealth – every day and everything has to be somewhere.
How Denver South leaders public and privately, manage future prologue of development and henceforth will determine the quality of life. The Denver South region’s founders have provided a road map.
We look forward to showcasing the many projects along the south I-25 corridor and the continued growth and development of the Denver South region.