One of the hidden gems in the Denver South community is Schweiger Ranch, located just southeast of RidgeGate Parkway and I-25 in Lone Tree. This historic property is being preserved by the Schweiger Ranch Foundation, who envisions the ranch as a community gathering spot, as well as an opportunity to learn about historic ranch life and how the west evolved in Colorado. Although the ranch has a storied history, its contributions to Denver South today are just as valuable as its contributions were to the region back in the 1800s.

The Ranch’s roots began in 1874, when three brothers –  John, Joseph and Jacob –  homesteaded the land. Over time the ranch grew in size from its original 38 acres to nearly 4,000 acres, growing oats, corn, wheat, and rye on the property, along with raising cattle, hogs, and chickens.  During this time, the Schweiger family also grew, and in in 1890 the current house was completed to accommodate the brothers, wives, and seven children. Today, you can take a trip out to Schweiger Ranch to see many of the original buildings which have been painstakingly restored, including the family house, stable, barn, and silo.

In the 1950s, as the region grew and the economy shifted, the Schweiger family saw an opportunity to sell the Ranch. Ultimately, Coventry Development Corporation acquired the property in the 1990s and saw a unique opportunity for a cultural and educational facility that would benefit Lone Tree and Douglas County residents and the Denver South community. They began a master planning and preservation process in conjunction with the State, County, and local partners to preserve Schweiger Ranch in an environment where the public could learn about early ranching life, and could bridge the past to the present. This began the Ranch’s journey to become the cultural gem it is today for the region.

As part of the preservation process, historic landmark status was granted to the Schweiger Ranch Foundation in 2004 to preserve the original 38 acres of land donated by RidgeGate Investments. This allowed the Foundation to seek grants from the Colorado State Historical Fund. With the grants and cash match funds from the City of Lone Tree and Rampart Range Metropolitan District, the Foundation began restoring and preserving the ranch buildings to their historic condition. Restoration work under the State Historical Fund was completed in early 2016 after almost $1 million was invested into the restoration work.

Today, Schweiger Ranch provides diverse recreational and educational opportunities, helping the community to enjoy and understand the culture and heritage of the early mountain west. Through annual events, such as the Austrian Christkindl market, interpretive programs, and demonstrations, the ranch is dedicated to the community and is a true treasure in the Denver South Community.

Schweiger Ranch is open to the public for tours, educational events, and to begin its new life as a living history museum. They would love to see you come out. For more information, please visit their website,

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