Public policy has an important impact on the work we do here at Denver South. The bills, laws, and initiatives passed by both the state legislature and voters at the ballot box directly impact the business and transportation environment we, along with our partners, are working to create.

For this reason, Denver South is active in the public policy arena – both during the legislative session as well as on relevant ballot initiatives. We wanted to share insights into how we approach state level public policy, proposed legislation, and ballot initiatives, and how our policy work seeks to advance our goal of creating a premier region in which one can live, work, and play.

Denver South looks at policy through a narrow lens. We represent a broad regional coalition and – with a focus on economic development and transportation – we work in concert with our area partners, businesses, and residents on state level policy that directly affects these areas.

Our Approach

When considering proposed legislation, ballot initiatives, or policy changes in these areas, a primary consideration is whether we can make a difference. Denver South, as an organization, carefully considers how an issue affects our mission and region. We consider whether and how our voice can have a meaningful influence on a policy outcome. Some approach policy by weighing in on many issues, to the point their views become background noise and can be filtered through political lenses. In contrast we guard our political capital carefully, and only weigh in where we are certain we can make a positive difference for the region.

We also consider how a proposed policy or bill supports our business community and transportation goals. Denver South is different than many Economic Development groups because we are also a Transportation Management Association. We are responsible for implementation of various transportation demand management programs and services for the region, and these programs and services can be directly impacted by legislation that may not impact other Economic Development organizations.

As we approach legislation or policy, we also examine each issue for its impact on our local jurisdictions. With each step we are cognizant of how our partner jurisdictions view the issue. Policy work is complex, with many competing interests, agendas, and outcomes. Recognizing there may be no “silver bullet” that solves a problem, we embrace the need for collaboration and compromise in Denver South.

A Collaborative View

Knowing the perspectives and communicating with others – from chambers of commerce to economic development organizations and transportation interest groups – means we can stay informed and up-to-date. We are intentionally nonpartisan in our policy efforts. This allows us to keep our mission and values at the forefront of our work. By focusing on the issues at hand, rather than the politics behind the policy, we remain committed to progress and long-term solutions.

Denver South works hard to develop a united voice for our region and when it comes to policy issues and pending legislation that can affect our primary employers. Because public policy has an important impact on the work we do here at Denver South. our narrow focus, willingness to compromise, and ability to bring all parties to the table has been a hallmark of our organization’s public policy success for many years. We carefully use our time, resources, and political capital so that, when we weigh in, it makes a difference.

This carefully considered and laser-focused strategy has made us a known, respected voice in state policy decisions. As a result, when we engage in legislation or policy, our voice is an effective tool supporting the overall vitality of our region.