Families across the Denver metro region are finding ways to navigate the new school year, and for many, finding an alternative school commute is necessary with the recent uptick in working from home.

Planning reliable transportation to and from school is not a new challenge for parents. For over two decades, families from the Denver metro region have been accessing Schoolpool, a free program used by more than 150 public, private schools to connect parents and neighbors who share the responsibility of getting their kids to and from school.

Parents who are looking to share drop-off and pick-up responsibilities with other children who have the same on-campus school schedule can use Schoolpool to locate and connect with other families nearby. Families are matched using a secure, online platform and information is shared only with other families at each child’s school. Parents can share driving responsibilities or lead walk or bike groups. Administrators can sign up their schools  any time to start connecting families. All public and private elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the Denver Metro Region can access the program.

Registration for Schoolpool is simple: Search for a school at https://waytogo.org/getting-around/schoolpool. If your school is not listed, simply contact the school’s principal and share the program information.