This month we are focusing our attention on Alex Cowsky, our Director of Operations. Alex’s work is often behind-the-scenes, yet it is a critical part of our team’s ability to do the work we do; the operational structure she facilitates enables us to be the connecting point between our partners, residents, and businesses.

One thing you may not know about Alex is that she is our resident foodie, and is constantly on the hunt for new restaurants and hidden gems to try in Denver South. We asked Alex to share some of her favorites in the area you can’t miss. So – if you’re unsure where to go for your next meal today—keep on reading for Alex’s recommendations!

Le French Bakery & Café – Denver

This charming restaurant, founded by Senegalese French Sisters is a great spot for any time of day. Whether you grab a buttery, flaky croissant for the morning or a croque madame for lunch, your first time won’t be your last time here.

Sabroso! Fresh Mexican Grill – Centennial

I’ll take a hefty Sabroso breakfast burrito and freshly squeezed orange juice any day! If you’re a no-breakfast kind of person, stop in for their street tacos or a torta.

Bop & Gogi – Centennial

If you haven’t tried Bibimbap before, you should. It’s a meal that’s balanced in food groups and flavor profile. I love that there is a spot in Denver South that I can grab delicious beef bulgogi bibimbap from.

Jabo’s Bar-Be-Q – Greenwood Village

At this unassuming BBQ joint, you can’t go wrong with much on the menu unless maybe you’re a vegetarian. When I’m feeling extra indulgent, I add on the Jabo’s Utah Style Sconut, which is fried dough with melted icing!

Pollo Lima – Greenwood Village

When you’re craving roasted chicken, try out this Peruvian restaurant, Pollo Lima. If I were to recommend a dish, it must be the Aji de Gallina – chicken in a creamy, flavor packed sauce over rice – yum.

Sukiya Ramen – Greenwood Village and Lone Tree

As we enter the colder months, there are days when all I want is a hot bowl of ramen and I’m not talking about the 50-cent packaged ramen that I used to live on in college. Sukiya, with locations in Greenwood Village and Lone Tree, offers traditional ramens from different regions in Japan and it hits the spot every time.

Sahara Restaurant – Greenwood Village

Some days call for shawarma, right? Check out Sahara, a family-owned restaurant that specializes in Lebanese and Moroccan fare. The restaurant, staff, and dishes are warm and inviting.  When we order a team meal from Sahara, we all get different options, and no one is ever disappointed.

Poke One – Lone Tree

While I love sushi, I never feel quite full. So, when I feel like a fresh meal like sushi, but I also don’t want to feel like grabbing a burger after, I’ll head to this spot for Hawaii Poke. While they offer preset options for those who don’t like to make choices, they also let you customize your bowl with whichever fish, toppings, and sauce that your heart desires.

Vibe Foods Superfood Bar – Lone Tree

What is more refreshing than an acai bowl or a smoothie? Go ahead, I’ll wait. When you want to start your day on the right foot or need a pick-me-up, go to Vibe Foods Superfood Bar for their health-conscious, delicious offerings.


Be sure to take Alex up on these great recommendations – and check out some of the best food and great restaurants our area has to offer! We’d also love to hear your recommendations in Denver South.  We’re always interested in great new spots to try and recommend. As Alex will tell you, though she knows many places to find a great meal, one of the true joys of being a foodie is sharing your finds with others.