We created our My Denver South campaign to tell the story of Denver South through community members that are affecting positive change in the region. The campaign empowers each participant to contribute and share their own unique perspective with friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors.

Jeffrey Seems is the Director of Business Development and Sales for North America for PROMATIS, a German company with its US operations based in Denver South. He is a Denver South native and was also one of our first contributors to the My Denver South campaign; his video can be viewed here. In this week’s blog, Jeffrey shares a bit of his experience in a “behind the scenes” interview.

What motivated you to share your “My Denver South” story? 

What drew me to participating in the project was the genuineness and professionalism of the Denver South team.  They’re fun to work with and they really focus on building relationships promoting our business and the region. It’s about connections and not pressure to join.

Erin and her team took the time to get to know us as a company and why PROMATIS chose Denver South as its US location.

Can you tell us a little about the day of the shoot?

The entire shoot was very professional. Everything about the experience, from the lights and cameras to the production values showed that this was a top-notch effort to highlight Denver South successes. The high production value is just an illustration of the time and effort the team puts into their work.

The interview was so well organized with great questions and a positive, affirming atmosphere.  Erin did a great job, and her interest in what I had to say made me feel very comfortable. Erin and the team were great to work with and that’s what makes it a great campaign. They go all out, and the experience made me more loyal to Denver South.

Has the My Denver South video helped your company?

The video definitely has been beneficial for us. It’s helped us grow our awareness here in the US and shared the story why we chose to locate in this area. So many people have seen the video, which has helped raise awareness for our US operations both within PROMATIS and within the region. The video showcases the many reasons we’ve planted roots here – from the cluster of tech and finance companies to work with to the easy access to Denver International Airport and international travel.

Locating in Denver South helped solidify us as a US corporation, and working with Denver South is a great partnership for our US team as we grow. We are very invested in this area and this video is a way to help PROMATIS give back to Denver South.

Can you share a bit more of your experience with Denver South?

Denver South is the best at networking and following through on their commitment to companies and the area. They really are invested in helping us grow and succeed. They go the extra mile and in today’s business climate, that isn’t always a given. Their trustworthiness is a breath of fresh air; I’m emotionally attached to Denver South now! I want to help and promote them.

Denver South has great leadership and great culture, and it shows. They truly care about promoting business in this area. It’s the personal touch and connection that make connecting to Denver South worthwhile; they give as much attention to small companies as large ones. One thing that stands out is how personally invested they are. When our Global CEO visited from Germany, Denver South staff made it a point to visit our offices and meet him personally. That means a lot!