This week, we asked Tom Brook to share some of his thoughts on Denver South and what makes it so dynamic and special. While he touched on many topics, a common theme of passion for the region emerged through each answer. Tom cares deeply about Denver South, the region, and the community, and we are grateful for his leadership as we work together to build a community where we can all live, work, and play.

Why do you work for Denver South?

  • We are a forward looking and collaborative organization, and Denver South is a dynamic region with tremendous opportunities for residents and businesses!

What is one hidden gem that area residents should absolutely know about?

  • The Bluffs in Lone Tree. This is truly a place you should get to know. It’s great for trail running and mountain biking.

What is one fact about Denver South you think people don’t know?

These videos are one of our favorite ways to share a bit about us and encourage you to get out and explore Denver South! We love to hear from you, so if you have a question or comment please reach out. The team is always excited to connect and share all the region has to offer.