Sitting down with Evan, it’s easy to get a sense of his relaxed confidence in his job and his passion for the area. We asked him for his thoughts on working at Denver South, his passion for the region and his favorite places to grab a cup of coffee. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to meet Evan through these questions!

Check out the videos below for his quick thoughts and let us know what you think about transportation throughout Denver South. We really love how he features a scooter and helmet in the background. Evan is truly multi-modal to the core.

What motivates you in your work for Denver South?

I do what I do because I want to help ensure that our roads are safe for all users and modes of transportation.

Where is your favorite Coffee Shop in the region?

I really like Corvus Coffee Roasters, in Belleview Station.

What do you like about working at Denver south?

I love how the team really sticks to and lives by its core values, no matter the project.

In your view, what makes Denver South so special?

In my view, it’s how all the different jurisdictions and stakeholders come together to debate and discuss policy which definitely sets Denver South apart!


These videos are one of our favorite ways to share a bit about us and encourage you to get out and explore Denver South!  It’s always fun to share with you in this format.

We love to hear from you, so if you have a question or comment please reach out. The team is always excited to connect and share all the region has to offer.