At Denver South, we want to feature staff members sharing their perspectives and thoughtful comments on their areas of professional expertise.  This week, we are featuring a post by Sheryl Machado.  Recently, Sheryl purchased an electric vehicle and wanted to share her thoughts on the start of the journey. 


As gas prices continue to soar, I recently took the plunge and “plugged in” by purchasing my first electric vehicle (EV). If you are considering going hybrid or electric, get ready. There are many lessons on the road ahead, and here are some simple tips I learned early on.  

My own adventure started when I purchased a red 2017 Chevy Volt, which I affectionately named “Go-Go.”  She is quite zippy, small, easy to park and, for a fraction of the cost compared to gas, I can go anywhere within range.  Purchasing an electric vehicle often comes with incentives, including Colorado and Federal tax credits, Federal Tax Credits, and Xcel Energy Incentives. By leveraging all the potential tax incentives, credits, and special rebates, I was able to reduce the cost of both the vehicle and ownership.

“Go-Go” is all electric; as such, I quickly realized that I needed to become an expert on the car’s battery. My Volt’s battery life is approximately 220 miles.  I learned that the biggest battery drains are your air conditioner, navigation system, heated seats and radio. As an owner, I’ve noticed the battery drains faster in the cold weather as well, in part because the batter needs energy to stay warm too!

I charge my vehicle at home overnight; strategic thinking about how and when to charge “Go-Go” is important. The time of day that you choose to recharge is key.  I’ve learned that 4-8 PM is peak period electricity usage; I pay more if I charge during these times, as will any user. A good tip is to set a reminder on your phone to charge after 8 PM. I also upgraded my electrical outlet from a 120-volt to a 240-volt, which significantly accelerated my charging time. 

Now that I’ve begun my electric vehicle adventure, I plan to update the resource hub and community readers on the things I’ve done and the impact EVs are having on our community and environment.  I’m excited to start and wish you good luck on your journey to electrification!