Denver South is home to a wide array of information technology (IT) software and electronics companies. From data security and fraud prevention, to the design and manufacture of smart devices, companies in Denver South offer a range of IT software and electronics products and services to individual and corporate consumers both locally and globally.
It’s no small business, either. According to a 2016 report by the Software Alliance, the direct value-added of software alone to the Colorado’s GDP is $11.6 billion, 73,371 jobs, and $694 million in research and development investment by software companies.
So, who are the big (and small) players, and what big things are they doing here?

The marquee names

Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 500 company, officially moved its company headquarters to Centennial in 2011. According to Michael J. Long, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Arrow, in a statement describing the company’s decision: “We want our global corporate headquarters located in a state that’s committed to supporting business growth and is collaborative in spirit. Colorado is that place.” It’s quite the compliment.
Arrow has approximately 18,700 employees globally, 2,000 of those in Colorado. Now, its headquarters is becoming an increasingly busy place, buzzing with innovators from Arrow and beyond.
In the second quarter of 2019 the company plans to open the Colorado Open Lab, an (Internet of Things) IoT engineering lab where public and private sector entities can build and test smart technology, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) IoT appliances and AI-enhanced applications. (Think, a smart fridge that has its computing system built by another company, which it incorporates into its final product.)
The Colorado Open Lab is a collaboration with the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, so instead of smart home appliances, think smart traffic lights that alleviate traffic.
Arrow is in good company in Colorado with other large corporate presences of Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM, which has a Watson Health operation headquartered in Greenwood Village.
These aren’t the only big names in Denver South. Have you run your virus protection recently? McAfee has a home here too, and it’s now busy working to protect all of your connected devices, not just your PC.
And have you checked your home’s value on Zillow? It has an office here, too.

Our other IT leaders

As consumers, we aren’t on a first name basis with all of the emerging technology that we may or may not engage on a daily basis.
But that doesn’t mean the work they’re doing isn’t critical to modern life.
Among the non-household names in Denver South is Recondo, a company that’s developing software solutions to automate payments in the healthcare industry. Its technology is currently being used by more than 900 hospitals, improving communication between providers, patients, and payers to improve revenue cycle efficiency. The company is growing quickly too, reporting 35 percent compounded annual growth over the last three years.

Another big name in the region is NICE Actimize, a leader in autonomous financial crime management technology. The company recently announced the launch of CDD-X, a Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence (KYC/CDD) solution designed to provide more accurate fraud detection and customer risk scoring. The technology reduces customer review times by 70 percent, exponentially reducing operational costs to companies.
And that’s just scratching the surface.
The companies in Denver South’s IT community are working on a wide range of ways to use technology to make life work smarter for all of us, with products and solutions that are being deployed to the far corners of the globe. And that’s something to be proud of.