If someone asked you to define what “quality of life” meant in one sentence, could you do it?
If you can, please call us, because you’d be the first. By its very nature, the concept of quality of life is broad, sometimes vague and often subjective. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly acknowledges this in their definition of the term:
“Quality of life (QOL) is a broad multidimensional concept that usually includes subjective evaluations of both positive and negative aspects of life.”
Well, that doesn’t clear anything up.
Luckily for residents in the Denver south region, it’s easy to point to some very clear examples to define what makes it a region with such a high quality of life (QOL).
Here are some of the QOL factors that you’ll only find in Denver south:
Endless bike trails to explore

Many cities like to compete over who is the most bike-friendly of all. Cities in the Denver south region might jump in that conversation if the residents weren’t so busy clocking miles on the numerous bike trails, both paved and mountainous, that traverse the landscape.
Colorado boasts over 8,000 miles of biking trails, and a huge chunk of that can be found right in Denver south. You can ride all the way up to Thornton from Englewood on the South Platte River Trail, commute on two wheels along the Centennial Trail or take a short drive to take advantage of nearby mountain biking. And that’s just a very small sampling of bike trails in the area.
These trails get residents outdoors, and best of all: they’re free. No fees to ride on these well-maintained trails — and they’re great for joggers and walkers too.
Stunning mountain views
Innertube your way (yes, innertube) to the Farm House and Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, get a cold beer, and sit in one of the many lounge chairs and soak in views of the mountains spanning the western skyline.
Whether you’re enjoying a beer, working in the garden, or just gazing out the window at work, the mountains are a constant and visible presence across the Denver south region, with much of the area butting right up to the peaks without the Aspen-like price tag.
Oodles of transportation options
Denver south is a sprawling region, yet it’s shocking easily to get around. Whether getting to work or just getting a bite to eat, residents have a slew of options.
The light rail system is in the midst of a significant extension project that will connect even some of the most southern communities in the region with the larger metro area. Bus service is also easy and affordable across the Denver south area for those times when driving either isn’t an option or just doesn’t feel right.
Add to that a long list of innovative transportation options that are being explored in collaboration with Transportation for America (T4America), like bike-sharing programs, electric scooters and autonomous vehicles. And oh yeah, you can drive your own vehicle, too.
All of these transportation options make it easy to work and live in Denver south.

Landlocked beaches and water recreation
Did you know you can hit the beach in Denver south? Take that Los Angeles!
Even in a landlocked state, Denver south offers ample opportunity to get out and enjoy the water, one way or another. Whether you want to go boating, swimming, or just relax and catch some Colorado sunshine, the region is ripe with opportunity, much of it free or very affordable.
Try the Aurora Reservoir if you need a quick escape. You can hang out on the beach during the summer and even practice your scuba diving. If you’re not aquatically inclined, you can take advantage of the many bike and walking trails.
Nothing says “quality of life” like being able to go scuba diving and hiking in the mountains on that same day.
Quality of life might seem like a hard thing to define — until you start taking advantage of all the things Denver south has to offer. But you still won’t be able to keep it to one sentence. In this case, we think that’s OK.
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