When the kids start doing ninja tricks in your kitchen, it’s time to get out of the house.
But where to? For those that live in the Denver South region, heading downtown isn’t always a good option. And you’re probably getting sick of hitting up the same three places week in and week out.
Parenting is hard, but we’re here to help.
These unique businesses in the Denver South area offer fun for everyone in the family, a chance for the kids to get out some much-needed energy, and plenty of options for Mom or Dad to join in or get some much-needed alone time while the kids play.

No need to book a trip to Costa Rica to experience some jungle time (not that we’re recommending against it). Turns out your family can get the jungle adventure experience just down the street in Littleton.
JungleQuest offers ziplines, jungle bridges and climbing, among other adventurous activities — enough to make anyone feel like a regular ol’ Dr. Jones. And it’s all indoors, so no need to worry about that unpredictable Colorado weather.
They also offer day camps for when school’s out (aka, you need a break), and provide a great setting for birthday parties. Just be sure to make a reservation well in advance for any parties. And unfortunately for the little explorers, this jungle is only for kids age 5 and over.
Colorado Journey
Mini-golf among Colorado’s most-famous landmarks? If you insist.
With daily unlimited passes for locals running less than $10, Colorado Journey is a bargain for families, and perfect for bringing along the newest mini-golfers in your group — Westword even named it the “Best Miniature Golf for Newbies.”
Two courses provide 36 holes of golfing as you make way through miniaturized versions of Colorado staples like Mesa Verde, Garden of the Gods, Eisenhower Tunnel and much more.
And as part of the Cornerstone Park complex in Littleton, there’s plenty of room to run down the kids if mini-golf didn’t quite do the trick.
It’s the middle of July. Which, of course, means your kids want to go skiing.
No problem at Snöbahn, located in the Streets at Southglenn shopping center in Centennial.
Snöbahn offers indoor skiing and snowboarding, including lessons, for kids of all ages (even the parents). It’s a great way to give the kids a chance to learn the basics before hitting the slopes, as well get a workout and learn some new tricks — and no need to schlep your heavy coat or stand in long lines waiting for a chairlift.
For the courageous, they even recently added a freestyle option. Yes, that’s the one where you jump off a ramp and do crazy tricks.
With athlete partners like Bode Miller promoting Snöbahn’s unique setup, you know it’s legit.
Lollipop Park
Located inside Family Sports Center in Centennial, Lollipop Park is one of the longest-running indoor amusement parks in Colorado, serving families for over 30 years.
Kids can ride a mini-Ferris wheel, trains, jump in bounce castles and much more. Unlimited rides will never cost you more than $20 per child, and parents can even join their kiddos on a few of them. There’s a snack bar to keep you and the family from getting hangry, as well as a full-service restaurant on site.
For the older kids or teenagers in your group, they can take advantage of the many other options inside Family Sports Center, from laser tag to ice skating.
Unfortunately, they still haven’t figured out how to make the tea cup ride not make adults dizzy. We’ll give them a free pass this time.

Breckenridge Brewery Farm House Restaurant
A setting where the kids can run around, play games, listen to live music and have dinner, all Mom and Dad sit back and enjoy a few local craft brews? Yep, that’s Colorado for you.
Conveniently located just off the South Platte River Trail in Littleton, this location of Breckenridge’s flagship brewery advertises that it’s easy to find by car, bike or inner tube.
Utilizing 12 acres, you can order food from the food truck outside or sit down for a full-service meal in the sprawling indoor space. And did we mention the mountain view?
It’s hard to get more out of Colorado with your family than a with a visit to Breckenridge Brewery’s Farm House Restaurant.
Not that there’s anything wrong with taking the family to those tried and true spots you’ve gotten to know over the years, but the next time you need a family outing, try one of these unique spots. You just might end up with a new favorite.