Evangelos “Evan” Gatseos, a Colorado native, is a first-generation son of Greek immigrants. Growing up in Colorado helped give him a love for the state and for the active lifestyle we enjoy here. While he is always curious to learn about and explore other cities and states, Denver will always hold a special place in his heart. It’s also where he developed a passion for transportation, and for connecting people and organizations to transportation resources. He has seen firsthand how transportation connects people with experiences.

A Passion for Cycling

Evan’s transportation story began with a passion for cycling. Like many Colorado cyclists, and as a former elite level road bike racer, he became acutely aware of the importance of road and traffic safety for bicyclists. Accordingly, through this lens he saw the opportunities to create a safer environment for cyclists. This exposure certainly helped fuel his passion and perspective, and continues to motivate him today as he works to improve safety and accessibility in Denver South.

Following this passion Evan worked his way from a bike shop to the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), where he built skills and experience on a range of projects related to transportation demand management. Subsequently, this provided Evan a deep understanding of the issues and opportunities for the region. Presently, with Denver South, he has the opportunity to pull these pieces together. In doing this he specifically is able to make a positive impact on our region’s transportation, influencing how the various components work together.

The Future of Denver South

“Our transportation future is all about connectivity. Transportation connects people with the ability to have new experiences,” Evan shares as he thinks about the future of Denver South. “I believe we’ll see continued smart growth along the I-25 corridor. This can mean more amenities, unique businesses, and new experiences in the region, which could open the door for new community-focused transportation and economic development. It will also enhance our already-great quality of life.” 

We are grateful for the point of view and breadth of knowledge Evan brings to our team. We’re proud of his leadership in transportation throughout the metro region. If you want to learn more about our work with transportation and our vision for the region, check out this page.