As the Transportation Outreach Manager for Denver South, Evangelos “Evan” Gatseos is continually teaming with our region’s employers to reduce traffic congestion and improve our air quality. This is accomplished by partnering with employers and regional decision makers to encourage commuters to try sustainable alternatives to driving alone.

Evan is particularly proud of Denver South’s EcoPass outreach efforts. In conjunction with RTD, regional stakeholders, and the business community, Evan has spearheaded efforts to help over forty employers in the region sign up for RTD EcoPass. In 2023, more than 22,000 Denver South employees have unlimited access to all RTD bus and rail services – a significant step in reducing the region’s carbon footprint.

The Impact of EcoPass for the Region & Its Employers

EcoPass outreach efforts have not only helped the environment, but have also positively impacted quality of life in the region. According to Denver South’s annual Commuter Survey data, employees view transit passes as a highly valuable benefit: more than 30% use RTD for their commute to work approximately two days per week, and nearly 70% ride transit for personal trips like to Downtown Denver or Denver International Airport.

The measurable benefits of Evan’s EcoPass outreach are massive. Based on a 15-mile average one-way commute distance, EcoPass users will log more than 40,000,000 miles on RTD instead of driving alone in their vehicles in 2023. This is equivalent to eighty-two round trips to the moon! It also represents a significant reduction in both congestion and pollution for the region.

A Recruitment Tool for Employers

Transportation demand management (TDM) programs like EcoPass or vanpools provide unique tools to employers struggling with recruitment and retention. Evan and the Transportation team are continually working with our region’s employers to identify how TDM strategies can be a valuable benefit to both current and prospective employees.

Under the recently passed State of Colorado HB22-1026, employers who offer alternative transportation options can receive a 50% tax credit on items such as EcoPasses, vanpool subsidies, parking cash-outs, and even physical infrastructure like secure bicycle parking. Evan and the team are excited to help our region’s employers identify how this tax credit can be leveraged to enhance the benefits they are able to offer their employees. Employers can reach out directly to Denver South for assistance with taking advantage of this credit.

Through prioritization of mode choice, transportation equity, and future-forward planning, Evan and our Transportation team strive to create an environmentally sustainable and economically vibrant Denver South region.

Denver South is proud of Evan and the entire Transportation team’s TDM efforts in the region.  By teaming with our region’s employers, they provide measurable positive impacts which help improve both air quality and quality of life. If you have questions or concerns about individual or regional transportation challenges, the Denver South team is at your service.  We’d love to hear from you!