Denver South is excited to share the news that Evangelos Gatseos, Transportation Outreach Manager, has been elected President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT). ACT is the premier organization and leading advocate for commuter transportation and transportation demand management (TDM) professionals.  In this role, Evan will leverage his experience in creating TDM-oriented programs to present new opportunities—as well as to create uniformity—in TDM programs leveraged across the Rocky Mountain ACT’s partners. He will also continue to be an advocate for Denver South in this role, highlighting many of the strides that have been made in the region as it relates to commuter transportation solutions.

“After recently earning my TDM certification, being nominated and elected as the Rocky Mountain ACT Chapter president was a surprise and honor,” shared Gatseos. “I am excited to take on this new challenge as we seek to address transportation demand challenges and opportunities in the region.”

In the three years since joining the staff at Denver South, Evan has already had an impressive impact on reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality in the region by partnering with employers and regional decision makers to identify sustainable commuting alternatives to driving alone. Evan is excited to leverage his skills and knowledge as he works with TDM professionals across a five-state region, and is eager to work through the challenges and opportunities TDM professionals are facing as the economy shifts to a new normal following the pandemic. He is also excited to bring learnings from other TDM professionals back as potential solutions for Denver South. Specifically, he is interested in learning strategies that others have used to provide realistic, achievable non-single occupancy vehicle alternatives, and identifying how these strategies could be leveraged within Denver South.

Denver South is truly grateful to have the talent of people like Evan on its team as we continually work to make the region a great place to live, work, and play. Congratulations, Evan!