At Denver South, we are constantly working to secure the economic wellbeing of our region, both for today and for the future. A key element of this work is our partnership with other organizations, to both maximize our reach and to ensure we’re on top of the latest trends and information. In today’s post we are highlighting the work Brian is doing with the Economic Development Council of Colorado (EDCC) to promote and expand their impact throughout the state by sharing resources, best practices and ideas as co-chair of the EDCC’S Communications Committee.

What exactly does the EDCC do? Their emphasis is threefold: to identify the proper resources and tools Colorado communities need to succeed economically, to reduce costs and barriers to data and decision making tools as it relates to economic development, and to promote a controlled approach that respects and listens to all parties and stakeholders across the state.

Colorado – especially along the I-25 corridor – is experiencing rapid transformation. Small towns and bedroom communities are becoming new hubs for industry and EDCC is working to ensure these communities have the tools and resources needed to grow and transform to meet our modern economic reality. At Denver South, we engage with our local community to stay close to the ground to support and develop the resources and funding opportunities necessary to approach development smartly, sustainably, and with a vision for the future. EDCC offers resources and support to Denver South as we drive toward this vision.

We are collaborators and connectors by nature, knowing the ins and outs of our community and connecting with our stakeholders, including our businesses, local jurisdictions, and elected officials. Diversity is key to a growing and creative workforce; EDCC and Denver South partner very closely with Arapahoe/Douglas Works and other organizations to help develop and train the workforce to support our area business partners. EDCC supports and advocates for the resources to amplify the work that Denver South is doing. Without the support of EDCC and our local partners, our sustainable growth strategies cannot happen.

From our perspective, the best part of being a member of EDCC are the connections we’ve built across the state with other economic development organizations. More than just the connections, it’s what we have learned from them and how much they are willing to share that brings immense value. It’s been easy to pick up the phone or chat with someone we’ve connected with through the EDCC and ask them how they approached an issue. We use our connections to help with questions around policy, entrepreneurship, and communications.

Along with Brian’s involvement, Christine Shapard, our Vice President of Economic Development, serves on the EDCC’s Board of Directors. In this role, Chris has an impact on policy and legislation affecting our business climate and helps shape the critical ties between Denver South, the EDCC and the State. Our staff’s involvement in the Council, and with economic development efforts throughout the state, are critical links to bring awareness, thought leadership, and opportunities serving our businesses and area partners.

Within the communications committee, Brian has the opportunity to collaborate with economic development and workforce professionals from across the state. This is not just an opportunity to help amplify the critical work EDCC does; it also provides Brian the platform to highlight the work we are doing in Denver South, and to learn from other skilled professionals in the world of economic development what is working well in their local communities. These learnings can help shape Denver South’s strategy to ensure we are as effective as possible with the resources we have.

For Brian and the Denver South team, working with EDCC is one critical tool to ensure we have a strong, sustainable and diverse economy that supports a pathway to opportunity and job creation. Together, we work behind the scenes to ensure our region has the connections, resources, tools, and funding to help accelerate our economic impact on Colorado and the world.