As we’ve revealed in earlier posts, our new Senior Vice President David Worley’s academic and business experience has taught him to look ahead and to keep the end goal in mind.

David is working to bring intentionality to how we continue to grow Denver South as a thought leader in commerce and trade. “I’ve always started with the idea that finding out how a particular community works – its strengths and characteristics can provide the roadmap to growth and prosperity,” explains David. “In a highly competitive world, a strengths-based approach enhances your chance for success.”

Expanding Our Reach

“I see my role as focusing our organization on creating partnerships and initiatives that will have a sustained impact on the region’s economic vibrancy. Right now, that means working to thoroughly understand what our partner organizations and jurisdictions are doing on the regional and state level; We have so many exciting things happening here in Colorado,” he continues.

David is leading our Economic Development team to expand our reach to more companies. By connecting with our region’s organizations, we not only can highlight the services Denver South can offer, but it also offers the opportunity for us to share our vision with decision-makers who are the economic fuel for the region.

“Talent is the number one issue facing businesses today and we hope to contribute to enhancing the quality of the region’s human infrastructure,” David notes.The region’s professional workforce is probably our most important asset and we are working to better connect Denver South businesses with key resources on the state and local levels.”

Above all, Denver South aims to foster collaboration and provide practical solutions that advance the region towards a prosperous future. As David puts it, “In our current fractious political world, Denver South must be able to help the area continue to collaborate and innovate around practical solutions that advance the region and move everyone toward a more verdant future.”

A View To The Future

Looking at the future, the question for us is how do we become a real case study for innovation? What can we do now to continue our legacy of creating a vibrant, diverse region that supports our growing, thriving companies who compete internationally? While there are no guarantees about what the future holds, we have great optimism for our community because we are moving with intention, innovation, and collaboration.