With the election season now over and an incoming class of newly elected officials and support staff, Denver South decided to devote this latest blog to providing a refresher and primer on the regional partnership and funding landscape. Part of our overall charge at Denver South is to help educate and simplify this environment to ensure political collaboration among our partners. Though not always easily identifiable, these groups impact us all in terms of economic development, quality of life, transportation, and mobility. Consider this a “go-to” glossary and guide, starting at the state level, funneling down to local jurisdictions, and touching on the various other nonprofits and organizations that help make the I-25 corridor south of Denver a great place to live, work, and play.


CDOT is the department of the Colorado State government that manages and administers the state’s transportation responsibilities. Denver South partners with CDOT on various interstate and roadway projects, various grants, and the I-25 interchange landscaping program.

Colorado OEDIT, often pronounced as “O-Edit” in conversation, works with statewide partners to create a positive business climate that encourages dynamic economic development and sustainable job growth. OEDIT works to advance the state’s economy through financial and technical assistance in support of local and regional economic development activities throughout Colorado.


DRCOG, pronounced “Doctor Cog” in shorthand, is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Denver Metro Area. DRCOG consists of technical staff and elected officials representing the 58 participating member governments throughout the region. DRCOG’s main focus is regional planning tied to transportation & mobility, growth & development, and aging and disability resources. Denver South partners with DRCOG through these planning activities, various grant programs, and the Way to Go commuter services program.

The Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, or Metro Denver EDC, is the nation’s first regional economic development entity, bringing together more than 70 cities, counties, and economic development agencies in the nine-county Metro Denver and Northern Colorado Area. The Metro Denver EDC is an affiliate of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. Denver South partners with the Metro Denver EDC on various initiatives including mobility, tax reform, business friendly state and national policy, and economic development.

LOCALPartner Jurisdictions
Denver South partners with the following jurisdictions to advance economic development and transportation & mobility throughout the South I25 Corridor:
Arapahoe County
Douglas County
City of Centennial
City and County of Denver
Greenwood Village
City of Lone Tree
These partners help Denver South plan, develop, fund, and implement various regional projects and initiatives. Past projects and programs include the Arapahoe & I-25 Interchange Rebuild, the RTD Southeast Rail Line Extension (SERE) project, and the Lone Tree Link to name a few.

Finally, a little about us – Denver South. Denver South is both the geographic area along the I-25 corridor south of Denver and the organization of community leaders facilitating the important discussions that determine how our community functions and grows responsibly. Denver South partners with all the previously identified entities on economic development, transportation & mobility, marketing, branding, and project & program funding. The graphic below highlights Denver South’s service area (in dark blue) in relation to our partner jurisdictions.

While this list is in no way exhaustive of all our many partners (others include the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance, Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council, and various metro districts and businesses) we hope it serves as a basic primer as to how the region functions and also emphasizes the importance of partnerships in making Denver South a great place to live, work, and play. For more information regarding our regional partners or ongoing projects, please reach out to Daniel Hutton, Director of Transportation & Mobility, today!