This week, we are highlighting some of the work we are doing at Denver South to promote, engage, and grow primary employers in our area. Even though we are proud of this work, we also know that economic development can be a bit mysterious and nebulous from time to time – so we want to help shed some light on all we have going on.

Why primary employers? We focus on employers that bring new wealth into our regional economy – they’re often companies that are sending products or services outside of our region.  We refer to such companies as primary employers, and they usually provide the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to economic impact.

As part of our work engaging with primary employers, Becky Nelson’s role is to find ways to encourage the success, growth, and long-term stability of our region’s primary employers. The support offered by Becky and the Denver South team is varied and can span a wide range of efforts, from addressing workforce needs and providing business climate analyses to assistance navigating the local regulatory environment and providing valuable business referrals. A full list of programs and services offered by Denver South can be found here.

The entire Economic Development team is excited to dedicate time and resources to these initiatives and outreach efforts throughout 2022 and into the future.  We are continually exploring ways to better connect with our employers, to understand their needs and provide the resources they need for their business to thrive. Specifically, we’re focused on understanding the gap between the workforce needs of our employers and the talent pipeline that exists.  Ideally, this analysis will help us identify and attract targeted individuals to our region that possess in-demand skillsets or occupations.

Becky and the Economic Development team has a front row seat to see the impact their work has had in assisting our employers. For instance, the team recently helped a growing medical device company expand its footprint in the region by assisting and identifying local contacts in order to obtain necessary permits. This assistance allowed the company to open its doors and commence its operations much sooner. Equally as important, Becky and the Economic Development team provide direct access to workforce-related resources to help businesses attract talent in this competitive environment. Referrals to agencies like Arapahoe/Douglas Works! help employers access talent recruitment resources, ultimately making it easier for them to be successful in our region.

Becky reminds us that “the heart and soul of our work is to build relationships that strengthen our community. I work with our regional partners to help our primary employers create and retain jobs; this collective work contributes to the economic strength of Denver South.”

A common rule of thumb in economic development is that existing businesses are responsible for up to 80% of job growth in a region. This is why we’re focused on promoting, engaging, and growing our primary employers. You can help us by completing our 2022 Business Climate Survey! Learn more and complete the survey here.