In a time of vast uncertainty and increased need for innovative approaches and technologies, SmartForce, a Greenwood Village, Colo.-based technology company is providing collaboration technologies to police officers on the frontlines of public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic –across the country—and here in Denver South.

As the whole world is learning new ways of working remotely to practice “social distancing,” law enforcement and other frontline workers do not have the option of working from their homes. Mobile and desktop collaboration and communication platforms like SmartForce are providing the necessary ability for public safety personnel to work together from a safe distance.

SmartForce was launched in 2015 to help public safety organizations maximize their impact by providing a secure platform to convey important information in real time. That up-to-the-minute information is even more essential in times like today, when conditions change constantly, and the officers need to be apprised of rapidly evolving developments.
SmartForce currently works with the cities of Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Englewood and the town of Parker. Nationally, the company’s partnership with Savannah, Ga. Police Department gained notable media attention.

In recent weeks, the team at SmartForce have received a number of communications from law enforcement clients nationwide thanking them for the service during the pandemic.
Greenwood Village City Manager (and former Chief of Police) John Jackson, a long-time believer in SmartForce who adapted the technology for his department, said: “SmartForce serves as a lever between simply doing what has always been done and doing it more efficiently.”
The SmartForce staff are always appreciative of positive feedback like this and are proud to be a proactive force in the fight against the global pandemic. CEO and Founder, Mariano Delle Donne, has always been incredibly proud to advance the missions of officer and community safety as the company grows.

“We have always believed in SmartForce’s ability to transform the work of police officers, and right now we consider it an honor to keep them healthy, safe and continuing to provide community services.”

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