As Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet concludes her remarkable two-term tenure at the helm of Lone Tree, it’s time to reflect on the significant contributions she has made to our community and the broader Denver South region. We are grateful for the legacy of leadership Mayor Millet has imprinted upon Lone Tree and Denver South.

A Legacy of Leadership

During her tenure, Mayor Millet prioritized investments in transportation, economic development, recreation, and cultural amenities. Through these investments, she shaped Lone Tree into the vibrant and thriving city it is today. Her leadership has been instrumental in fostering partnerships with businesses, organizations, and neighboring communities. These partnerships have resulted in transformative projects that have enhanced the quality of life for residents. They also have propelled economic growth.

From pioneering transportation initiatives—including light rail and Link on Demand micromobility, as well as bike and pedestrian mobility enhancements—to resources dedicated to the arts, recreation, and open space, Mayor Millet has worked to create a high quality of life in Lone Tree. Coupled with a business-friendly government, Mayor Millet has welcomed employers big and small to the city during her tenure.

A Regional Influence

Mayor Millet’s influence extended far beyond the boundaries of Lone Tree. As Past Chair of the Denver South Transportation Management Association, Past Chair of the Denver Regional Council of Governments, Past Chair of the Metro Mayors Caucus, and as a member of various regional organizations, she has been a respected voice on regional issues such as transportation, housing, and collaborative government.

Her ability to work with diverse stakeholders to find real solutions to complex challenges has earned her admiration and respect across the region. Mayor Millet’s time on the Denver South Board of Directors has served as a model in collaboration and leadership. She has been instrumental in driving positive outcomes for the region.

What sets Mayor Millet apart is her genuine passion for and commitment to the community she serves. For over two decades, she has called Lone Tree home. Her love for the city is evident in her tireless efforts to make it a better place for all residents.

A Debt of Gratitude

We owe Mayor Millet her a debt of gratitude for her outstanding service to both our organization and to the region. As a result of her dedication, she has had a profound impact on our community. Her legacy will endure as a testament to the power of leadership, collaboration, and service to others.

Thank you, Mayor Millet, for your exemplary leadership, your tireless advocacy, and your unwavering commitment to Lone Tree and Denver South. Your contributions will be felt for years to come, and your legacy will continue to inspire us all.