It’s been a whirlwind these past few months for Sheryl Machado. Since featuring her as our first staff profile last year, a lot has changed for Sheryl – including her job title and description! We sat down with Sheryl to catch up and learn what new, exciting things she is currently working on.

What’s New?

The biggest thing is my new role as Director of Business Engagement. I’m getting to work firsthand with our region’s employers. I love sharing key messages central to who Denver South is, what we do, and our available resources for employers in the region. We are upscaling our outreach to let employers know about the resources and tools we have to help them thrive in Denver South. Personally, I’m excited to learn more about our region’s employers, and to develop processes to best support them however we can.

What do you want businesses to understand about Denver South?

As a staff we are in the community every day, talking with our primary employers. Because of this we know the struggles that businesses have and are working to create solutions to these challenges. We don’t solicit companies. Instead, we listen, learn, and understand what they want and need to help get them plugged in.

We are taking on a more holistic approach to ensure we’re connecting our regional employers to the solutions they need. These connections and resources can help all businesses thrive and prosper in Denver South. We have a broad array of offerings at our disposal to ensure you have what you need to succeed in the region. Whether you need a customized commute plan, training and upskilling opportunities, or a warm introduction to one of our strategic partners or jurisdictions, we are here to support you at no cost.

What are you excited for professionally?

The Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) Conference in Seattle at the end of the month is a huge international event, where we get a chance to hear subject matter experts from around the world.  I love the conference and I come back with fresh new ideas from colleagues and learn about new projects that might possibly be replicated here. It also offers new thoughts on how we can use our grants and incentives to elevate the region.

If you could ask our blog readers one thing, what would that be?

How can we help?  What can we do to help you learn about, access and understand all that we can do for you, whether you’re a business, resident or commuter?

What are you doing for fun this summer?

If I can, I’m usually playing pickleball. Lone Tree is opening great new courts at their recreation center and I’m excited for the new Camp Pickle in Centennial. Besides Pickleball, I’m usually playing with my plants. I planted a new perennial garden this summer, which the deer have confused for a buffet! Of course, there are always a ton of fun summer camping trips, hiking and paddleboarding to conquer. What’s not to love about Colorado?

Any last words?

Stay tuned! Denver South is very busy with new campaigns, programs and events, including our upcoming Suburban Mobility Conference. This is a very exciting time for the organization.