First of all, a hearty Thank You to everyone who joined us!

This past Thursday the 15th, Denver South Economic Development Partnership brought together over 500 of the area’s top business leaders, elected officials and educators to hear George F. Will, America’s foremost political columnist.
The event, emceed by Executive Vice President of Shea Properties, Peter Culshaw, started off with highlights from Stacy Roode the Senior Vice President, General Manager & Colorado Region Leader of our presenting sponsor, Fidelity Investments. Ms. Roode highlighted key points including Fidelity’s employment of 700 people in the Denver South region, and 800 people in Colorado, creating a $7 billion impact on our local economy. Fidelity also gives back to the community through local charities, making them a beacon of success in Denver South.

Ms. Roode then had the honor of presenting George F. Will, in town from Washington D.C.. Mr. Will’s keynote addressed the political climate today. Mr. Will touched on many important topics throughout his keynote address. With a critical eye on the Nation’s future success he examined, among others, education, healthcare and the state of the American family, along with the government’s role in these issues.
With a historical look at how our country arrived to where it is today and what it will take to move forward, everyone left the room with something to discuss over the dinner table that evening. During the question and answer time areas of interest included: economic growth, the recent election and the trade war with China.

This annual event is a highlight of the Denver South EDP’s year and we are very appreciative of our sponsors as well as the diligent staff for making this event possible. Make sure you keep an eye out for the 2019 date, you won’t want to miss out.