Harare. Kabul. London. Tokyo. Washington D.C.

Denver South is doing business worldwide.

Benefit from Katty Kay’s global perspective.

Denver South is interested in what’s interesting.

Inviting Katty Katy to speak at this year’s luncheon was a no-brainer.

Yes, she boasts an impressive resume, but it’s the details of her life that give her singular distinction to speak on a topic that’s as fascinating as it is relevant: globalization.

Ever watch the BBC? If so, Katty’s face (and cool British gravitas) are likely familiar.

For her day job, she’s head anchor on BBC World News America, but you can also catch Katty offering her fresh, level-headed take on politics and economics on programs like Meet the Press, Chris Matthews, and Morning Joe.

She’s a powerful advocate for the vital, and oft undervalued, role women play in business.

You’ve probably seen her work on the shelves of your local Tattered Cover. She co-wrote two books with fellow journalist Claire Shipman: Womenomics, which explores the value of women in business, and The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance, which delves into the “confidence gap” between men and women.
A stint abroad is one thing. A lifetime of multi-cultural experience is another.
As Denver transitions from cowtown to global player, we need to think beyond the boundaries of city, state, and country. Katty Kay embodies that perspective. From a childhood spent hopping around The Middle East with her diplomat father, to her work in Zimbabwe, Tokyo, London, and, presently, Washington D.C., Katty doesn’t just think globally, she lives it.

Think ‘global perspective’ sounds suspiciously like a buzzword? Maybe. But this issue has major implications for Denver South.

Ask Katty and she’ll likely say a global perspective is about seeing connections. When news comes out of the White House, Katty asks how this will affect Iraq, China, Mexico. And just the same, the effects of Denver South’s decisions – from who we hire to our environmental impact – ripple the world over.
Comic books had it right: With great power, comes great responsibility.
Thanks to technology and globalization, our cultural and economic borders are more nebulous than ever. That’s why we’re so excited to have Katty speak at November’s luncheon. She’ll show us how to draw the important connections, so we can make the right choices for Denver South — and for the world.

Today, doing business in Denver South means doing business with the world at large.

Join us on Nov. 17 to hear how Katty Kay uses her background and the insights gained from decades of international journalism to chart a way forward in the ever-more-connected world.